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Where to go in August?

We are getting married on August 18th. Looking for ideas on places to travel that time of year.

Mexico or somewhere very south is a no since it will be VERY hot there that time of the year. Any other ideas? My fiancee and I thought maybe Iceland. Anyone ever been? Also looking to go somewhere that won't cost a fortune.

Re: Where to go in August?

  • I've heard many people go on Alaskan cruises.
  • My parents went to Iceland in Sept a few years ago and loved it.
  • I am going on an Alaskan cruise, because we hate extreme heat and we are getting married in August also. It was way more expensive then a Caribbean cruise, but I have heard it is an amazing trip.
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  • Where do you depart from for the cruise?
  • Northern California will not be hot. In fact, summer is one of the coolest times there. We're doing San Fran, napa, and Carmel in late July, and from my research, it may be only in the 50s or 60s (we wanted a break from the humidity too!) It also looks gorgeous up there.

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  • It depends on your budget. Off the top of my head, here are some vacations we've done that would be nice that time of year:

    -Northern California to Oregon to Washington State to Canada. BEAUTIFUL with lots of activities... biking, white water rafting, fishing, boating...
    -Mackinac Island
    -New England
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    We are doing the alaska cruise (round trip from vancouver) and have heard it's amazing from the peope we've talked to.  We have never been on a cruise but like the idea that we can go on a unique adventure right after our wedding (instead of waiting until winter for a hotter place) and we love outdoorsy things and nature. They also have a honeymoon package usually if you tell them it's your honeymoon where they will decorate your room.  Lots of excellent adventures and excursions from the sounds of it, and an overall amazing experience.  We are also getting married August 18 and we are going on the Holland America one leaving Aug 22 so that we have enough time to get to Vancouver but not have to wait an entire week to start the honeymoon (and ps they are having a sale right now!).
  • Iceland sounds really great.  What about Greek islands?  Turkey?  Croatia?
  • What about Bermuda?  It's right comparable to North Carolina weather (I think).
    My parents have gone there a few times for golf in the late winter.

    I've heard it is really nice and upscale.  Might be worthwhile to look in to it.
    Good luck!
  • We got married last August and went to Playa Del Carmen for our honeymoon and it was AMAZING. People are weird about going warm places during the summer. That part of Mexico is hot year round. In fact, my parents visited the same resort this February and their weather was more hot and humid than ours! We only had rain 1 day, and it lasted about 1 1/2 hours and it was during lunch, which worked out great! When you go somewhere like Mexico, don't you want it to be warm? Just my thoughts! We are currently debating Mexico, the Dominican, or Jamaica for our 1 year anniversary in August.

    As for those saying Alaskan cruise, I have been to Alaska and it is about as far from romantic as you can get. I can honestly say it would be the last place on earth I would go on my honeymoon. Not to mention it won't be very warm at all. We went in July and it was 50's for highs.

    Totally up to you, just my recs.
  • Thanks for suggesting Mexico in summer. To me it just feels weird going there that time of year. But it is deffinately something to consider since I do enjoy Mexico. It would probably be a lot cheaper than winter and not near as busy :
  • You can also get better deals for Mexico and the Carribean because it's the off season and less crowded--but I like that. Aruba is supposed to have good weather year-round.

    What about Quebec/Canada? Ireland is pretty affordable right now too and it's a very romantic country.

  • I have been to the Caribbean a bunch of times, always in the summer around July/August.  The rates are so much better.  Grand Bahama was the one place where I found the heat to be opressive. Even so, it was my favorite island.  Aruba has really great weather - it's the same year round, and there is always a gentle breeze. 
  • We are getting married August 12 and have been debating between all inclusive Mexico (totally affordable), Napa ( fun but not sold on it for a honeymoon) and now Costa Rica or Belieze. I feel the same way about heat and summer but I have a feeling it will wind up being Mexico. There are great deals since its off season!
  • My fiancee and I spent two weekend in Iceland at the end of August two years ago and we loved it.  The whole time there we both said it would be a great place for a honeymoon.  It's a unique country with breathtaking scenery!  One of the safest places I've traveled to and all the locals speak English and were very helpful.
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