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Affordable, Quiet, GREAT Honeymoon

I know that sounded vendor-ish, but I just wanted to give a review of our honeymoon that we LOVED and was super affordable.

We spent a week at the Palace Resorts in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and it was amazing. For 7 days including flights, resort, tips, excursions, rentals, we spent 3000.
The resort is small, and couples only. Their busy season is the winter, and we went in the summer and only had to share the resort with 5-7 other couples the entire time. It was like having our private beach most days, and the staff was super attentive.

H's dad had suggested it to us, and we had never even heard of Isla Mujeres. It's the quaintest little island, where main mode of transportation is golf cart, and the beaches are amazing. I think there are 2 or 3 other small resorts there, but I'm just not sure.

We would have loved to go to the BVI's or Bora Bora, but for the price, you absolutely cannot beat this island and the tropical feel.

I just wanted to do this since I could barely find anything on this board about IM when we were planning, and wanted to give an official A+ to our HM location.

Re: Affordable, Quiet, GREAT Honeymoon

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    Thanks for the review. :) My heart was set on this place but we have two kids we're taking with us and well this is adults only. SO parents were there in December last year and the pictures are just breathtaking, Hopefully we can go soon.
  • We went to that resort for the day when we were in Cancun staying at the Sun Palace in February.  Did you guys go over to the main land at all?  The ferry was great.  
  • We went to the Moon Palace for the day and also bought tickets to see Cirque that was in town. The Cirque show was great but HOLY KID RESORT the Moon Palace was crawling with children and we were pretty overwhelmed. So much for wanting to make a honeymoon baby (I kid, I kid).
  • Ok, I know, REALLY stupid question but...... Any chance this resort has a lazy river? FI is all about lazy rivers for some reason!
  • The El Dorado In the Riviera Maya has a lazy river. It has good prices as well for what it is. My travel Agent has raved about it having great food and it is rated 5 start. My fiance does not want to do Mexico otherwise this resort would work for our Honeymoon as well.
  • Yeah, no lazy river... it's tiny!
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