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Beware of JVL Jewelry Scam!!

Like us, some of you may receive a "gift card" at a bridal show for "free" rings from JVL Jewelry.  It is a total scam. You pay $25.00 each for shipping and it is shipped by regular usps mail. You basically pay for these cheap, worthless rings in the shipping charge. Rings are total garbage and I doubt that the are the material listed on the website. We filed a fraud claim with the credit card company after we received the wrong size for a second time and JVL told us to pay for shipping to send this CRAP back. This was a total waste of time in my life that I will never get back. STAY AWAY FROM JVL!!!!

Re: Beware of JVL Jewelry Scam!!

  • Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I'm not sure why you got the wrong size, but maybe you were sized wrong or you could have tried going up or down a size from your original order if it didn't fit. We got FI's ring from JVL and it was exactly what he wanted. If we had gotten a similar ring locally it would have been a lot more expensive, so paying $25 for shipping wasn't a big deal for us. A bunch of other people on this board have gotten rings from JVL and they've said mostly positive things. Hopefully JVL will resolve your issue.
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    This is horrible. I'm sorry its happening to you. We had a great experience with them
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    We had a great experience with them as well! 
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  • We had a great experience with them. Fi's ring was exactly was descrobed on the website.

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  • We ordered FI's ring from JVL. It was the wrong size for his finger, because I measured incorrectly. When I asked about exchanging they gave me three different options for how I could get the correct size. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience but I don't think this was a scam at all.
  • I am sorry you had a bad experience.  H got his ring there and he LOVES it. We had nothing but awesome service with them.

    We never felt it was a scam.
  • Definitely not the highest quality (H's ring has some rust-looking spots already that we need to polish) but a great bargain! I had an okay experience with them. We ordered our rings months and months ahead of time, and they still hadn't come about 8 weeks before the wedding. The style I chose was backordered, and they told me I'd have it in 4 weeks. In 4 weeks I still didn't have them, so I called again and got a little pissy when they told me it would be 3 more weeks. Yeah right! I asked to change the ring style to something in stock and I had them in about 3 days. So, not my first choice, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on our rings at the time. We will upgrade my band later.

    Sorry it didn't work out well for you though. I think a lot of things like this can be hit or miss.
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  • Sorry you had a bad experience- ours was nothing but good with them.

    The rings came exactly as specified.
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  • Can someone please tell me the website for the JVL rings. I got a phone call a little while ago saying I was chosen to recieve this in a package and when I try to find it on here I can't

  • I got the same phone call I was wondering the same thing
  • I hope everyone knowws these rings only have about 30 cent worth of metal. Tungsten and titanium trade at about 90 cent an oz. So you are sending in cards for 600 dollar rings paying 25.00 for 30 cent. I pick these up at yardsales with little diamonds for 50 cent all the time. I pop out the diamonds and throw away the crap metal
  • Im sorry this happened to you. I got a gift card from them when I atteneded a bridal show and I thought since  the bands were already free I didnt really mind paying the shipping. I also got personalized champagne glasses on their site for half off. I had a really good experience with them.
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    Its unfortunate that you had a bad experiece with them. I got a gift card from them when I attended a wedding expo. I did research on them and I didnt find bad reviews. Maybe one here and there, but over all exceptional service. I ordered from and for my rings all I had to pay was shipping and handling. That was GREAT!! I also got a call confirming that my rings were going to be shipped that day. I had a really good experience with them.
  • Im sorry for your bad experience with them. I thought they were a wonderful company to order from. It is very generous to give out gift cards that are practically worth TWO rings and all you pay is shipping and handling. It's sad that people would complain about not getting them completely free. My rings are really nice (I wouldn't say top of the line), but they are quality rings that look lovely. I would like to thank JVL Jewelry for providing my FH and I with two beautiful wedding bands.
  • That really is unfortunate for you. I can't really say anything bad about them. My experience shopping with them was easy and the customer service reps were really  nice.
    I would definitely recommend them to friends and family that are getting married.
  • This is one of the only posts I have seen something negative about JVL. Everything I have seen about them has been great. I researched why a Tungsten Band could have broken and it seems that it is pretty common with this metal. I do have a gift card from them that I plan on using. I am ordering from their titanium collection to avoid from having my band break, but either way they have lifetime warranty.
  • I had no problem with them and I think their rings are gorgeous! I love mine and so does my fiance. Especially since that will be the only band that he is wearing.
  • I can tell you from experience that they are definitely not a scam. I ordered my rings from them with my gift card and yes I did have to pay s&h, but come on you got 200+ rings for free. I love my wedding bands and very happy with them. Thanks JVL for the wonderful rings me and my fiancé have.
  • Our rings are great and we had no problem with ours. We did choose titanium because it's a stronger metal and its lighter so this is probably why we havent had a problem. We got engraving on our rings and it looks so classy. I hope everyone else has a good experience with them like me and my fiancé did. If you would like to see the ring that I have i'll  provide the link. JVLjewelry.com 
  • I had a really good services with them. I redeemed my gift card on their website, my rings came in about 2 -3 weeks and they look amazing to me. jvljewelry.com.
  • Exceptional service with JVL. I was having a hard time  ordering online so I gave them a call and spoke to one of the reps. I believe it was Ginger. She answered all my questions and guided me through the check out process. I got my rings in a timely manner. I could not have asked for better service.
  • Wow this is the first review I see that is negative about jvl. I had said many times in my previous posts that I researched about their products before ordering from them. I already placed my order, but this does not change my opinion on them. Their customer service reps did an excellent job when I spoke to them and I hope my rings turn out great.
  • How unfortunate, I have seen nothing but great things about jvl. I have a girlfriend who got her wedding bands from them because she had a gift card. When she got her rings they sent her another gift card for family or friends. She gave it to me and now I ordered my wedding bands from them and the ones I saw online look gorgeous. I cant wait to get mine in.
  • I ordered my wedding bands from jvl and I had absolutely no problem with them I think they did an amazing job. We also got engraving on our rings and it looks very nice.
  • My fiancé and I were also really happy with our wedding bands. We have had them for about 5 months now and although we have put them away for safe keeping untill our wedding day there are sometime where we wear them just to get used to them. They haven't scratched or broke. We think they are quality rings.
  • This post makes me really sad. Sometimes people expect something else. Personally I havent had a problem with my rings at all. We got titanium bands from them.  I hope this doesnt happen to anyone else.

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    [QUOTE]Like us, some of you may receive a "gift card" at a bridal show for "free" rings from JVL Jewelry.  It is a total scam. You pay $25.00 each for shipping and it is shipped by regular usps mail. You basically pay for these cheap, worthless rings in the shipping charge. Rings are total garbage and I doubt that the are the material listed on the website. We filed a fraud claim with the credit card company after we received the wrong size for a second time and JVL told us to pay for shipping to send this CRAP back. This was a total waste of time in my life that I will never get back. STAY AWAY FROM JVL!!!!
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  • I too am concerned it may be a scam. Our rings just arrived and had to have a customs declaration to get across the boarder (we also got the gift card through a company promo at a local bridal show). The Detailed Description of Contents lists two Costume Jewelry pieces valued at $3.00 a piece. It also says it was sent from a Jose Salazar instead of JVLJewelry (odd). The extra free gift card is also very fishy and makes it look like they only make profit from the shipping charges (I mean, if they give these away at the drop of a hat, how do they actually have anyone pay the 'full' price? It seems that everybody here used a card...).

    However, it could be legit because listing it at $3.00 may be just be a good way to reduce duty. When I asked their online help desk if Jose Salazar was the owner they did not answer but said that not putting their jewelry label on it apparently makes them less likely to be stolen in the mail. After a little research on how to know if a ring is truly tungsten, I will try a scratch test and have them looked at by a certified jeweler who can tell me once and for all if they are what they are supposed to be.

    Either way, both rings are very pretty and will serve nicely as travel rings for when we are in places where it may not be smart/safe to wear very expensive items.
  • I would be really curious to see what the experts say.

    My husband got his ring through them and had a great experience. He still has it a year later and nothing wrong with it. My friend's husband also got their ring through JVL and had it engraved. They lost the ring and just had to pay the $35 to replace it. We got the rings very quickly and it was perfect for what he wanted.


  • They are the worst company in the world, I will never use them. Their customer satisfaction is horrible and when asking simple questions as to why larger sizes couldnt be ordered in titanium they never gave a reason and only said that option was not available. Also the different designs are not available on all rings and even when asked to pay an additional charge to get rings designed the company still refused. I spoke to a manager named ginger who was rude with and made no attempt to help or make things right or even offer a solution to my problem. I called back and asked to speak to a different manager and she refused. Totally unsatisfied and will not be using their service.
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