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Avoiding the Hurricane Belt in October

Hello Everyone.

My fiancee and I are getting married next October 2013. We are planning everything far in advance so that we are stress free when the wedding date starts rolling around. I am just now starting to heavily look into all-inclusive resorts in tropical areas. We know we want an all-inclusive resort Spa, and we know we want beach-front. We would like to keep our budget under $4000 total for about 10 days. I know that Mexico is probably the cheapest option and I have finally convinced my fiancee that there are some really nice resorts in Mexico. I found one that we both fell in love with in the Riviera Maya and we were both practically sold on it for the last few days, until I realized that it is on the east side of Mexico, in the "hurricane" area which I don't want to risk.

I know a lot of people will recommend just getting the traveler insurance and going on about our honeymoon anyway, but I am too much of a nervous person to do something like that. I want to be completely relaxed, and not be thinking about being in a hurricane zone, no matter how slim the chances are! Unfortunately, that might wipe out our options of visiting the Riviera Maya for our honeymoon.

My question is does anyone have any recommendations on tropical beach-front, all-inclusive resorts that we could visit in October safely within our budget?? I am open to any location, though we were perfer to leave the US since neither of us ever has, and like I said, I know Mexico is cheapest and I would love to hear your Mexico suggestions!!

PS- If anyone knows of something that meets this criteria and also has in-room jacuzzi's, THAT would be our perfect ideal vacation spot!!

Thanks a lot!!! Laughing

Re: Avoiding the Hurricane Belt in October

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    Check out the resorts on Aruba, maybe - Aruba is technically "outside" the hurricane belt (although it has had the occasional hurricane in the past, just like pretty much any Carribean island).  You will probably get a little less bang for your buck on Aruba, but if you'd be willing to either downgrade a little in room quality or scale your HM back to 8 days instead of 10, it should be affordable.
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  • I think you should go where you want to go and just get trip insurance! We picked Cancun for our honeymoon this past October b/c we thought it would never get hit by a hurricane...but guess what it did! Point being- don't let your fear of a possible hurricane stop you from going to your dream location. It rained nearly every day on our trip and we still managed to have fun!
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  • Marrying a meterologist I understand the need to honeymoon yet skip the hurricanes.  We are going to St. Lucia.  Historically the further south in the Carribbean you are, the better off you are.  Arbua should be pretty safe, but just don't go there if you are blonde (too soon??:))  Either way, get travel insurance and take the risk!
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  • You ladies are so much more ballsy than me!! With my fiancee's job, he will be allowed to request time off once, and if our honeymoon needs to be rescheduled, we will be completely out of luck... So that is what really worries me.

    BUT, just out of curiosity.. how exactly does the insurance work?? Any companies and plans you recommend?? I would want to be fully covered. I looked at a company called 'Travel Gaurd' and it only asked how much deposit we had to put down, which would be $400, but I wouldn't want to only insure the deposit, just in case something happened while we were already there, ya know?

    cmusmiles85 - Did you guys get to stay in Cancun during the hurricane or did you have to leave? I'm glad to hear you still had fun!! It seems everytime the fiancee and I go on vacation there is always huge problems, but we still come home with awesome stories and wonderful memories :)
  • Yep we stayed- it would've been impossible to find a flight out with everyone else trying to leave and with flights being cancelled. It rained everyday like I said, but we only had 1 day where we couldn't leave the room b/c the wind/rain was so strong. The other days the rain would be on/off so we could still do things around the resort. The staff at the Palace resort we stayed at really tried to go above and beyond with the indoor activities to keep everyone entertained :)
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