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Can you do black tie outside?

I was recently proposed to (yay!), and we've been bouncing ideas off of each other (me more than him) about the location and date of the wedding. It will most likely be in England (where we live and he's from), so my big idea was a black tie event in a local castle. The prices are reasonable, but he's not too crazy on the idea. The other option is an outdoor wedding somewhere in the lake district, but we're still looking around.

I've always wanted the wedding to be black tie. Both of our families can afford it, though his might not be so keen on wearing it. Anyway, I was just curious if it's possible to have an outdoor black tie event? I don't see why not, but there might be some faux pas to it.

Re: Can you do black tie outside?

  • TK ate my post.  

    I am moving to England in April (my FI is English) so I love the castle idea.  But like PP said, black tie is more than dress code.  Everything - food and liquor and music - must be superluxe as well.  And you can't have a black tie event before 6pm.  
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  • Yeah that's why I'm leaning towards the idea that it can work. I know about all the extras that go into black tie other than the lovely outfits, so I don't see why I can't have an outdoor wedding but keep it black tie.
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