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Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony at an outdoor wedding

I know that I have months to figure this out; but it's bugging me now. :)

We're having an outdoor ceremony and I would really like to have a unity candle and a sand ceremony (it's a 2nd wedding with kids involved).  I'm concerned about the individual candles blowing out and the sand blowing during the ceremony as it's poured from individual containers to the 'family' container.

Has anyone else wrestled with wind concerns for an outdoor wedding?

Thanks for your advice!

Re: Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony at an outdoor wedding

  • Someone on another board suggested a funnel for the sand ceremony.  Not sure on the unity candle, seems risky if it's windy.  Maybe someone with some kind of a screen or wind block?  Good luck!
  • We did a sand ceremony outside and had no problems with it blowing.  It wasn't a very windy day though. 

    A few years ago, some friends had a unity candle at their outdoor ceremony and had the candle in a hurricane vase to keep it from blowing out but it still went out a couple of times. 
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  • We did a knot tying ceremony. The wording is in my married bio under ceremony. I really liked this as did our guests. You could change the wording around to meet your needs and involve the children.
  • We're planning on using a funnel for our sand ceremony.

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  • We had a unity candle for our outdoor ceremony.  We bought a pretty oil lamp.  I had oil tapers too but they didn't fit in the candle stick holders so I just used regular tapers.  They did blow out so our moms just handed us a match to light the unity candle :-)  It didn't bother us I knew it might happen :-)
  • What about hurricane vases around the candles?  Really tall hurricane vases?  That's what our officiant suggested for the outdoor ceremony.  She says they hold up.
  • We had the same issue and decided to release doves at our outdoor wedding. It was awesome and the guests loved it!! You could even incorporate the children this way by having them each release their own dove from a little basket. There were all kinds of options of releasing them. It worked perfect for outdoors!!
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  • Even though we'd already had a handfasting a year prior, when we did our legal ceremony on a beach, we did a quick calling of quarters. Pagans ask the goddess and god of each of the quarters --East, South, West, and North-- to be present.  One quarter is represented by a flame/candle, so we lit a candle that was in a tall, glass cylinder.   It was fairly windy that day, and never went out. 
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  • Use wax pearls they appear as sand (Small but heavier than sand)  but you can melt it later into a candle...lots of colors to choose from! Kids will have fun helping make the candle after. Find it at hobby lobby in the candle making section!

  • What about the unity sand. Where do you get that at???
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