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Where does someone buy water in bulk and with no label? I have been searching the internet with little success. I guess we would make our own labels to put on the bottles?


  • There are a lot of personalization websites out there. I would do a google search on personalized favors and go from there. I have seen personalized water bottles before I just cant remember which site it was on, but at least that way you dont have to make your own labels.
  • You can just pull the labels off of regular bottles of water that you buy at walmart or the grocery store. They are only glued on the seam and all you have to do is put the center of the label you are making over it and nobody will ever know it's there.
  • There is a knottie maddylicios (I think) that has a template you can use for the labels. If you go to the DIY board you could probably find it on there. Just go through the posts.
  • I bought Nestle Pure Life water from SAMS club. It was very cheap (I think $3.88 for a case of 30) and the labels pull off very easily. Then I printed my own labels and put them over any glue residue that may have been left behind. They worked very well. PIB under DIY.
  • shipping water is VERY expensive.. you may want to consider buying it and having a kid in the family come over and tear the labels off.
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