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Decorations ideas for a backyard wedding?

We are planning to have thirty people in our backyard with an Irish theme. We have gorgeous rock stairs that we want to get married at the base of, leading into our backyard. My issue is that our back porch is screened in and don't really want everyone staring at that for the ceremony. Any ideas on how to decorate it?Thank you!

Re: Decorations ideas for a backyard wedding?

  • I agree with Kappa about using fabric of some sort. Maybe use fabric and then paint your monogram on it? Or get some mesh-type fabric and sort of create a draping effect? HTH!
  • I don't think anyone would notice. They won't be staring at the porch--they'll be staring at you guys!
  • On ebay there is a 10 feet tall by 20 feet wide white gauzy photographer's backdrop that is $10 plus shipping. I can't remember it's exact name, but if you want me to, I can look thru my watched items and find it exactly for you. Before we decided on venues I was going to use this to disguise a less than perfect wall.
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