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How are all of you summer outdoor brides doing your hair? Up? down? Half? I wanted to do it half up/down but I'm starting to get concerned because we have alot of humidity around my area.

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  • I wore mine completely up.  It ended up being a cool day (in the 70s), but I knew I'd want it up once I started dancing.  I also have thick, curly hair.  If it was thinner, I might have done a half-up, half-down style.
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  • I'm wearing mine all up. I don't want it to rub or bother my neck, which it would due to the heat.
  • I'm going all up. Just because I want to not because of the heat. We are having a short ceremony outdoors and reception indoors.I guess it would depend on how your hair fairs in the heat. Humidity is not my friend. 
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  • MissCM--LOVE the low back of your dress & your hair looks cute. can't wait to see the married bio. i want to wear my hair down or half up. i wear it up all the time for work, so i feel more dressed up when it's down.
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  • Def all up for me. My hair doesn't hold curls anyway so with out the help of some pins it would fall out before the ceremony. Also I like to shake it on the dance floor too much! :-)
  • I am doing a half updo for my wedding. We have a lot of humidity here as well, but my hair stylist used a lot of hair product at my hair trial a few weeks ago. It held up very well. I was happy.
  • Thanks MissIntentional! I'll post my pro pics on wedding recap when I get them back from my photog. Hopefully soon! I wanted to add that if you are wearing your hair down, the curls hold better if your stylist uses a flat iron to curl rather than a curling iron or rollers. The heat from the flat iron makes the curls hold much longer. My stylist sprayed each strand with hairspray, then combed it out, then curled with the flat iron. My curls were soft and natural (not hard & crunchy) and held all day and night. My hair appointment was done at 1pm and my ceremony was not until 6pm. My hair looked exactly the same during my ceremony as it did when it was first done.
  • Up! Definately up!! It is still really warm even late in the day when we are having our ceremony but I also have hair that doesn't curl at all. I had a perm once that lasted less than a week so up is the only option to having it look great throughout the entire day.
  • Definitely up. I took my Bridals in Mid-June and had the back curled and pinned up (I have short hair). It was off my neck and held with me spinning and jumping and laying down.
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  • I'm considering a low side ponytail with a flower in it. I really want the look of having my hair down without worrying about the humidity and heat. I'm really not sure though...
  • My sister found a really beautiful style on here to deal with her long hair during her Charleston wedding. I'm not quite comp savvy enough to link it (sorry), but it's a pretty bun, in which sections of hair are twisted, then all put together into one bun. Is your hair very long or thick? (Not that short hair wouldn't be hot anyway! Just trying to think of some ideas)
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