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Pay to park...advice

I need your advice! My wedding is going to be at a metropark which has a daily fee of $4 per car. My original plan was to pay the $4 for my guests but it is becoming very difficult. I called the park and they said I need to have an exact count and will be responsible for distributing the passes. But how am i supposed to know how many people have an annual pass. I also have a few people that will be coming to the ceremony who were not invited to the wedding. Would it be easier to just not pay for everyone...I think this is extremely rude but my mom doesn't think it's a big deal. Help!!

Re: Pay to park...advice

  • It's only $4. I wouldn't think twice about that if I were your guest. If it was $30, I would probably not be too happy, but I still wouldn't expect the bride & groom to cover it. Why are you having people coming to the ceremony who are not invited to the wedding?
  • It wasn't my plan. Our wedding is going to be pretty small so I have a few old friends that asked if they could still come to the ceremony even though they aren't invited. I guess they still want to see us get married. Anyway, I wouldn't think to pay for people who weren't even invited, it's just making it that much more complicated.
  • Yeah it sounds a little too complicated. I would just not pay for parking. $4 is really not a big deal.
  • I would be annoyed that I had to pay to park to attend a wedding. While it's only $4, it's the principle of it. It's not even like a cash bar where one can say, well, you don't HAVE to drink. Here, it's a requirement to go. Have you sent out invitations yet? If not you can address the parking situation there. If the invites are out, send out a mass email to all attendees whose email address you know asking who requires a pass. Contact everyone else by phone (have your parents help out if needed). It's more work for you, but it's a job you gave yourself when you picked the location. I'm not trying to be snotty, but parking is just one of those logistical issues that needs to be considered when choosing a venue.
  • I think the only problem I forsee would be people not having cash on them to pay for the parking.  I would just make sure to let everyone know about the parking fee - it shouldn't be an issue.  GL
  • I agree while $4 isn't a lot of money your guests are already traveling there and may not carry the cash to get in.  You should announce to only those whom you've invited about the parking situation and see who needs a pass.  You may find people whom feel paying for parking isn't a big deal and will pay for it themselves without you knowing.  Also people may then decide to car pool more if possible.  As for those whom you did not invite to the ceremony I would not pay for them to park, if they want to invite themselves to the ceremony then they can pay for themselves.
  • Our guests are probably going to have to pay for parking. I really dont see it being an issue.  We arent paying for it and I dont really think that people will mind. 
  • Our Wedding is at a metropark as well which also has a daily fee of $4 per car. Since not everyone carries cash on them, we wanted to make sure everyone would be prepared to pay the fee. We printed "There is a $4.00 Toll Admission of which will be reimbursed at ceremony" at the bottom of the maps we sent out in our invitations. To reimburse everyone, we bought 2 matching baskets covered in purple fabric. One is filled with the bubbles that will be passed out before the ceremony and the other one will have 4 dollar bills rolled up and tied with the same purple ribbon that we tied on to our bubbles (enough rolled bills to accomodate the maximum number of cars coming). One of our bridesmaids will be standing on one side of the aisleway handing out the bubbles as people come through to be seated, and one of our groomsmen will be holding the other basket filled with rolled money on the other side of the aisle way handing out the reimbursements as people come through.
  • I agree with the posters who say $4 isn't a big deal. If I went to a wedding and had to pay for parking I wouldn't even think about it. Its just part of the cost involved in getting there, like petrol. And no one would expect you to pay for their petrol.If you still really want to pay for their parking, I'd take pp advice
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