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Help! I'm worried about my ceremony time!

hi all - My FI and I are getting married in one of Portland, OR's beautiful gardens in Sept. We picked a ceremony time of 3pm (the ceremony will last about 15 mins). Now, a comment the site's coordinator made recently has me all worried that the sun will be blazing at that time (there is no shade). We figured 3pm would be safe b/c it's after high noon, and before the sun slips below the trees and it gets cool. The invites have already gone out, so it's too late to change now. I guess I'm just looking for some comfort that it'll be ok. My FI and I don't live in Portland, so we're not totally familiar with sun times in mid-Sept. Feedback anyone?? Thanks fellow brides!

Re: Help! I'm worried about my ceremony time!

  • This website will give you the times for sunrise, sunset, civil twilight, etc. in case that helps: [url]http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/RS_OneDay.php[/url]Here in Florida, 3-4pm is usually the hottest time of day but Oregon might be different.
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  • In my experience Portland is rarely, if ever, unbearably sunny, especially if it's only a fifteen minute ceremony. I really wouldn't worry. I'm sure it will be beautiful! And sun beats rain any day, for a wedding that is.
  • Your guests will probably start arriving around 2:30pm and it may still be fairly warm then.  Sept the sun isn't that intense by 3 and here in Pa it usually starts to cool off then.  If you're worried about it maybe you could have water available for your guests and fan programs.  Does your site have fans or a gathering location for your guests before your ceremony?  I was at a wedding where we all gathered in a room until about 15min before the "start" of the wedding (as the processional doesn't usually start until 15-30min after the invitation time).  I think you'll be fine though but you could always ask for references from the venue of people whom had their wedding around the time (not just date) of yours and see what they have to say.
  • If the invites are out, all you can do is work contingency.Things like fans, waterbottles, sunblock & maybe a shaded area for people to wait in.Do you have a rain plan?
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  • Hey, I have lived in Portland,Or off and on over the years. The sun is not what I would be worried about it would be the light rain.... And I think that 3pm is the perfect time in Portland for your ceremony. It is a safe time. That way if is is raining it should'nt be to cold. And if it is sunny then you will be ok too. I am sure there is some where to check the years past but it never seems to be the same it will be sunny and rainy in the same day like most of Oregon. Last year I was going to PSU and I dont remember much rain or sun in the beginning of school. It was mostly just cloudy all the time. I really think all you would need to do is have some cute umbrellas for guests.. Sometimes the sun stays out sometimes not. Nothing really heavy just something to keep the sun or rain off. If most of your guest live in Portland they will be ready for it. All of the gardens are so beautiful! All of my friends and family that live there always have everything they need for the weather they are always ready for anything to happen with the weather. It is not like tropical rain, and it is not super hot. Overcast is what I would call it most of the time.... We keep going back to Portland sites for our wedding too. I just cant decide. Good luck and just dont worry about it to much. The best thing about Portland is the people that live there love the weather so no matter what you should be good. I know i talk alot but I hope it helps a little.
  • I live in Texas now, but I am from Eugene. 3 pm is when the sun is highest in the sky (hottest part of the day) here, buts Portland in September I would be worried about rain not heat.  I would put out cold bottled water your guest can grab on their way to the ceremony.
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