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Seaside wedding in New England

Hello! I'm having trouble figuring out how to search the boards, but basically, my fiance and I are in Massachusetts, but he's from Maine.  So we are looking for a venue for late spring/early summer 2010 along the coast of MA, NH, or ME.  Preferably southern Maine, so the Boston people dont' have drive too far.  Does anyone have a special place that they like, or a nice venue along the coast?  We've been thinking about the state park in Rye, NH, but no other ideas yet.  Thanks so much!! Dianaps- if this is already being discussed elsewhere, please tell me how to find it!

Re: Seaside wedding in New England

  • You should try posting on the ME or NH boards.  But also, an outdoor wedding in New England in late spring/early summer is risky.  It tends to be very cold & rainy here that time of year.
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  • I agree with pp, it only JUST started to warm up and stop raining every day and it's going to be August in a few days. If you want your wedding in spring/early summer up in NE you're going to have to make sure it's indoors or your venue can be prepared with tents to shield from the rain. HTH! :0)
  • .........(and people wonder why FI and I want to move away after the wedding!) The weather here is zero fun.. you're stuck inside for more than half the year because it's bitterly cold outside.. then once it starts to warm up.. it's raining constantly and it doesn't even get that warm. But when it is warm out and not raining, it's very pretty here.
  • I had to laugh when I read your post because FI and I are from Massachusetts. One day in December 2007, he came home from work durring a blizzard and said f* this, lets move to florida. He was only half kidding. Two weeks later we moved to FL. We are getting married on the beach here in November.
  • mrskronick your post just made me laugh so hard! Every crappy day here (which is the majority of the time!) FI and I are like f this too! We are very motivated to move after the wedding. We keep saying to each other "one more winter.. one more winter". We can't wait to spend the majority of the year OUTSIDE! Instead of being cooped up inside because it's freeeeezing outside. Plus like I said before once it warms up here it rains more than half the time! Yick.. no thank you! Florida here we come! :0)
  • Thanks for the laughs today, and the good advice!  We both grew up in New England and unfortunately, he LOVES to ski, so I think I'll always be stuck in the snow.  We're trying to be optimistic about a May/June outdoor wedding, but this summer has been terrible.  I feel bad for brides in New England this summer!! ps- I'm totally going to seem like a newbie, but what does FI stand for?  (fiance?)
  • Yes FI stands for fiance. Check out your local board.. the girls on there should have a website that has all the acronyms and meanings/translations for what they stand for so you don't get totally lost in conversation on the boards. Glad we were able to make you laugh! FI and I hate the weather here.. and yes I too feel absolutely awful for the brides up here this year. Some lucked out with beautiful days... but the month of June was basically a wash out.. plus really unseasonably cold. Brrrr
  • I used to be a snowboarder, and I have to admit, I miss it. But, he could always try surfing! And I do NOT miss shoveling snow! Trust me, you cant shovel sunshine. ;) We visited MA a couple weeks ago for a wedding, and we were there for 2 weeks. We were FREEZING!!! Luckily her wedding was on the one day it got above 65! We are so glad we moved here. It was originally going to be a temporary move (3-5 years) and we were going to move back when we decided to have children to be closer to our families. But after living here for 6 months, we realized we could never leave and bought a house. :) The cost of living is WAY lower here, and no state income tax!! I love it here.
  • Oh my goodness tell me about it! I can't understand how everyone doesn't just pick up and start over down there! Everything's more beautiful.. the weather.. the houses.. the color of the water. We can't understand that what people pay for down there for a house and then the people up here spend AT LEAST double that for the same type of house..for crappier weather.. crappier traffic.. and ruder people. Good riddance! I'm so jealous you're already settled down there! FI and I want to move now but we know it's not realistic until after the wedding and we've saved enough to live while looking for new jobs. :0)
  • Don't know about NH or ME but Misslewood at Endicott College in Beverly, MA has gorgeous gorgeous view of the ocean.  It was our favorite venue when we were looking but it was a little out of our price range...  I hope June 2010 will be nicer than this June in New England, or I'll be in trouble. lol
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  • My vote, hands down, is Rye. It's got some amazing scenic spots, and Portsmouth is like 5 minutes away and has awesome reception sites for every lifestyle! Look at Star Island if you're having something small! They're religiously affiliated, but I don't think you must be to use their chapel. Or Ordiorne! I love Rye. And Portsmouth. I could babble on for hours about all the things you could do. Wagon Hill Farm in Durham is really beautiful too, and IIRC has some waterfront on a bay And being that I'm from there, I'm obligated to throw out the Cape if you're looking for beachy. But consider it, and then go with Rye.
  • OMFG!!! lololololololol. My FI & I have been talking about moving to FL as well bc of the crap weather here in NH! We haven't moved down yet bc I haven't finished school yet but I will finally finish this December so I keep telling him we can move then. We both like the look of fresh snow but that is it. Neither one of us can stand the frigid temps. Our wedding is next August & we're also looking for a place in the same area, I think some of the chicas who have replied to this question actually replied to mine. Maybe we should start looking to get married in FL, lol. GL finding a place.
  • here's a place in Kennebunkport, ME I was trying to remember. It's beautiful: The Nonantum Resort: http://www.nonantumresort.com/ Another place in ME: Ogunquit Resort Motel: http://www.ogunquitresortmotel.com/
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