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Our wedding ceremony is on a grassy area right in front of a lake. I had wanted to use an aisle runner as well as fake petals in a semi-circle around are archway where we will be wed but am now thinking neither will work. Everyone is telling me that the aisle runner will bunch because of the grass and will look terrible. Should I forego the aisle runner because of this? I thought about getting more petals for sides of the aisle way instead of the aisle runner but realized that non of the petals will probably work. Being right on the lake it's pretty breezey so I'm guessing all the petals will fly away. I really want to do something for the aisle way that still fits our budget. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Re: aisle runners

  • Everyone is right. The aisle runner will not look good, and you could easily trip on it. I had shepherd's hooks on either side of the aisle with hanging flower vases. They looked great. I have pics in my bio under ceremony of this (not mine, since I don't have pro pics yet)
  • yeah, I agree that the aisle runner wouldn't work for your wedding. I think the shepherd's hooks with some kinda of hanging flowers would be beautiful!here is a webpage for cheap hooks:http://www.nextag.com/shepherd-hooks/stores-htmlor maybe you could brorrow some from family or friends to save some money.
  • Our ceremony is just like yours. I have shepards hooks with hanging pomanders, these will line the aisle with along with rose petals to outline the aisle. I bought a fabric aisle runner just in case I can use it.
  • I am having an aisle runner and am using small tent stakes (you can get them at walmart) to secure the edges of my runner....I should mention that I made my runner by sewing twin sheets together so it is a little heavier than a regular runner that you would get at walmart or joanns
  • I'm thinking about putting a piece of plywood down under my aisle runner so it will be more stable.
  • I don't think a runner is a good idea on grass. It'll bunch up and if you're wearing heels, they might go right thru the runner.
  • We are planning on using burlap material that is nailed into the ground on either side. Burlap is incorporated into other parts of our wedding and when trying to come up with an idea for the aisle it was a no brainer. We might have to double up on the burlap to make it thicker but I think it will work!
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