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I'm trying to get ideas to decorate the gazebo at our ceremony site.  Any ideas?[url]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_T98TJgLpX7I/SkPLO_GijjI/AAAAAAAAANQ/noPqnUWh-vg/s1600-h/P1040082.JPG[/url]

Re: Decorating Gazebo

  • Are you aloud to staple things to it? This could be a little time consuming but I think that strips of ribbon of various length in your colors hanging would look really cute. or Drape it in sheer fabric with maybe some hanging flower pomanders.
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  • I looked at your bio to get ideas.  I think you should find some ribbon (my preference) or tulle in the same shade as your dress ribbon  and place them on each pillar of your gazebo.  Just a simple bow with long draping ends like your dress will have.  I would also have potted plants at the base of the gazebo. 
  • My son is getting married at a Gazebo also.  Most areas do not let you staple or nail etc.  Use ribbon and tie on the tule or material, top to bottom (giving it gentle over hangs as you go)on each of the pillars of the gazebo.  Depending how much you want to do, you could swag it along the bottom back, by rails.  Be careful not to swag it too high that your guests seated in the back can't see.  Everywhere you tie, place a tule or satin bow.  Potted plants around the base and /or hanging basket holders for the rails.  I wouldn't put any hanging plants at the top, because again guests can't see.  Order your plants early from a local nursery for full blooms.  I'm sorry not sure what region you are from.  You could always put a silk swag at the top for some added color.  Hope that helps. 
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  • Thanks for the ideas ladies!  I really love the idea of putting ribbon around the poles.We're allowed to attach things however we want.  No decorating regulations at all.We're going to have guests sitting in a circle around the gazebo, so we want to make sure the decorations don't block anyone's view.
  • Have you seen the Arch Bio?  It has a lot of Gazebo pics. [url]<a href="http://community.theknot.com/cs/ks/user/default.aspx?UserName=archbio" rel='nofollow'>http://community.theknot.com/cs/ks/user/default.aspx?UserName=archbio</a>[/url]
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  • Thanks Dani.  I hadn't seen that.
  • Honestly I would not go crazy with decorations. I would probably just put potted flowers around the base. The garden area is beautiful and I think sometimes decorations like ribbon/tulle etc take away from the beauty of a natural setting like that. We were married in front of a gazebo and did nothing to decorate it besides the flower boxes the venue had on the railings already.
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