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Ceremony Music

I was wondering what everyone is planning on doing for ceremony music. At first I was thinking about having my DJ come for the ceremony too so I didn't have to worry but I'm not sure I would want to have him come and set up for the ceremony and then have to move inside for the reception. Then I was thinking I could just put someone in charge of playing the songs on a regular cd player because we are using regular songs but am a little skiddish about the logistics. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Ceremony Music

  • We had our DJ do our ceremony also (our ceremony was right outside of the reception) because it was only $100 extra.
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  • We hooked a laptop up to the speaker that we were using for the ceremony microphone. We put a friend in charge of changing from song to song. It worked great and didn't cost us anything.
  • We hired a local guitarist.  He only charged $150 and played for an hour.  It was perfect for our location.
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  • We're using our dj for the ceremony music. Maybe you could aks some friends or relatives to help him move his equipment to make for a smoother transition? I know that ours can fully change locations within less than 5 minutes but will have to have 2 helpers to move the speakers.
  • We are plugging our Ipod into the sound system and having a friend sit there in case things need to be paused or rewound or anything. Really cheap! The DJ is for the reception.
  • We are hiring a harpist. The harp is perfect for an outdoor wedding and the sound travels great without need for amplification =)
  • DJ for ceremony and reception. Our ceremony area is small so I think he is only bringing 1 or 2 smaller speaker outside and then we're having some of our GM help him move them inside. No one will notice if there is no music for 5 minutes.
  • We have a violin and guitarist playing for our garden wedding.
  • FH's mother and brother are classicially trained performers so we are hoping that they will be able to pull of a favor with some of their friends hooking us up with (or at least giving us a very good deal) for a quartet for the ceremony. Another option, as you suggested, is to use the DJ.  The catering manager at our venue suggested that as a possible money saving option.
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