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outdoor ceremony - dress with train???

Hi!,Our ceremony is at a park on lake Michigan, with a flower garden and large trellels/archways.  The "aisle" will be a sidewalk.  Originally I thought I wouldn't want a dress with a train because of the outdoors things, but yesterday I tried on a beautiful simple dress with a train and I loved it!  Anyone have experience with train dresses at outdoors weddings?  IF the weather is fine, are they okay?  Other pros/cons?  I figured lots of people go to parks after their church ceremonies...  If I had to, I was thinking I could bussel it if it had rained or something.Thanks for the help.

Re: outdoor ceremony - dress with train???

  • I have actually seen a few outdoor weddings where the bride had a train. I think if you are using a sidewalk as the aisle, you should be ok. I am actually planning a lakeside wedding, and the dress I picked out does have a bit of a train. I wouldn't pick a dress with a 10 foot long train or anything, but a short one should work just fine.
  • I have a small train. Our aisle is grass for our garden wedding on the river. Like a PP said...I might not go w/a really long one, but a little train is ok.
  • Like you I'm having and outdoor wedding, and well I didn't want a train but fell in LOVE with an Oleg Cassini that happened to have one. Train and all! Who cares? It is your wedding and whatever you go with it is going to be a BEAUTIFUL event! I will say that I'm having the train altered for the reception where they do a "Rouseing" (I think that is the correct term) where it won't drag on the floor, if you do have bad weather... maybe that's an option for you? Good luck!
  • our wedding was outdoors, and my dress had a small sweep train. It got completely trashed! But it was really fun, I had a bustle but left it down most of the time. You can't tell in photos as its on the underside, and most of the damage was likely done in the last 4 hours after dark.
  • DJTulum, do you mind sharing as to how what you mean by your dress was "trashed"? Do you have any suggestions for how to prevent the same thing happening to others? Thanks!
  • Hi! We just had our wedding in a meadow in Central OR over the weekend. I had a train on my Pronovias gown and as the poster above indicates....if you are going to be outside in the grass, a field, etc... your dress WILL get dirty. I knew I wanted a train and had it shortened a bit (knowing it was an outside ceremony), but in order to still have a bustle they couldn't shorten it a ton. My gown wasn't "trashed" but it was certainly very dirty at the bottom of the skirt but I also was realistic going in and KNEW that was going to be the case (and not a single guest is looking for that if you are concerned people will notice). If you don't want any dirt on your dress don't get married outside. But trust me...it's totally worth it...you won't regret it and you are never going to wear the gown again. Have the ceremony you want, where you want it. I simply picked up the train when I was walking around during pictures and just let it trail behind me when I made my way up/down the aisle. Our photographer posted some sneak peek photos so you can get an idea of our ceremony location and what I had to walk through: www.kkayphoto.com/blog...we are the first posting (Amy and Jeff). Best of luck! PS...it was drizzling on and off during our pre-ceremony photos and ceremony itself.
  • By trashed, I mean that the underside of the train is black. Very very dirty, and the hemline too. We had both ceremony and reception outdoors, so we are talking about 8 hours total of dragging a white piece of silk along the ground. Of course it got dirty! But I knew that I won't be wearing it again, no one noticed and you can't tell in photos. I had a bustle but didn't even think to tie it up so left it down the whole time.
  • My wedding will be outdoors and I have a small train. It is not a fragile fabric, so I hope it will be okay. I will be on cement, wooden planks, and even in a small paddle boat. I will have a bustle made, and I will take advantage of that.
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  • My wedding was outside and I had a train. It wasn't a big deal and I had to walk over stumps, sticks, grass, and mud... yes... it rained about 30 minutes before our ceremony. You can see the pics in my bio
  • I'm getting married outside and I have a cathedral train-- I know it's a little silly, but it's the dress I wanted and I'll never wear it again, so I don't care-- but, my sister had a small sweep train and was married outdoors.  Her dress was lace and she literally was dragging a twig during the recessional.  After it was taken to the cleaners, you couldn't tell; the dress was fine.
  • I was married outside and almost all of my pics were taken outdoors as well.  I had a normal train, not sweeping, but not cathedral.  It got dirty and the girls used some shout wipes on it before the ceremony.  You couldn't see anything on it and I bustled it for the reception.  I'm sure it will come clean when I have it cleaned, but I'm not too worried if it doesn't.  I'd like to sell it, but its not the end of th world if I don't.  I loved my dress and so did my husband....that's all that really matters. Promise.
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