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Would you rent a bathroom

We are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony in the middle of a field on FI's family farm. The nearest restroom is about 15 minutes away. We are only planning a 20 minute very casual ceremony but I was wondering if you think I should rent a port-a-potty and have it near by. There will be lots of little kids so I don't want to make it a PITA for their parents.

Re: Would you rent a bathroom

  • If there were not going to be the kids I would say no...but with lots of little ones I would rent one..just in case.
  • Is it in your budget?  I probably wouldn't, but I would make sure people know to use a restroom before they go out to where the ceremony is.
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  • I would.You never know when an emergency (especially with little ones) could arise.
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  • I would rent one just to be on the safe side. Like Mrs.B said, if there was an emergency (little kid couldn't hold it, womanly problems, etc.), your guests would appreciate it lol.
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  • If it's going to be at least 30 minutes of travelling back and forth time in addition to the 20 minute ceremony and then at least 5 minutes on either side of the ceremony to get settled and all....you're looking at little kids that have to go about an hour or more without a bathroom. I would think it would depend on the ages of the kids though- I wouldn't stress about it if it wasn't in your budget but if you can afford it and you're in a field that has no trees for "coverage" if there's an emergancy for a little one, then try to do it. MY baby is 2.5 years old and EXCEPTIONALLY well practiced at peeing outside, and she loves any chance to do so, but if there aren't any trees nearby....there would be a mini-moon showing at your wedding!
  • I"m renting one for our wedding! We're having a reception so I'm renting"Luxury" edition restrooms. There's like 6 stalls/urinals, separate men's and womens, and porcelain sinks. With little ones around I would at least get 1 normal one. Just make sure they aren't in the pics. lol
  • You can get the trailer-type of bathroom rental, which are actual bathrooms on trailers, not port-a-potties. They're actually quite nice. I would do something like that.
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  • I looked into those! They're actually really nice. They look like hotel bathrooms inside. I was impressed!
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