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Lower Lake Ranch

We drove up to check out Meadow Creek B&B (really nice) and since the Lower Lake Ranch was close by, we drove around the area. We found an old lodge and asked a woman walking her dog if the weddings were held in the building. She said no & pointed across the lake to a small wood building. She explained the previous owners built & used it as a multi horse stall/barn and the current owners had renovated it and now call it the Gathering Hall. We did not stop & talk with the owners as we both felt it was way to far for guests to drive after celebrating our Fall 2010 wedding.Christa***********************************************************My post above was originally attached to these on The Knot Forum Board.... thought I would repost as they disappeared From: nelson_09 I just wanted to give a warning to future brides. I got married two weeks ago at Lower Lake Ranch in Pine, and I would NOT recommend anyone to use them! They started off being really nice at the begining and then the closer we got to our wedding, the more lies were told and the ruder the owners became. All they care about is making a buck and have no respect for their clients or their guests. I'm not the only one that has had problems with them. I have talked to past brides and they had just as much trouble. Vera (one of the owners) yelled at me at my own reception, so what does that tell you! I wont go into too much more on here but if you want to know more details of everything that went on, you can email me at henks84 at yahoo dot com Thanks! From: Bailey17 Sorry to hear about your trouble at the Lower Lake Ranch. My DH and I got married there on August 8, 2009 and our experience was horrible as well. I would never recommend them to anyone. Vera and her husband were extermely rude to us, our wedding party, and our guests. We had countless other problems including: not enough food being prepared, not enough tables and chairs being set up, being overcharged for the cabins, we found a dead racoon at our rehearsal site and had to dispose of it ourselves, they through away our guests personal items from the tables at the reception....I could go on and on. Bottom line I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. If you have any questions you can also email me at Love_Bug at hotmail dot com

Re: Lower Lake Ranch

  • I think they've changed the rules so that posts attacking vendors like this aren't allowed anymore.  Regardless, I'm pretty sure that most of the people on this board have no idea where this place is.
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  • Laura - I believe you're referring to "vendor bashing," which is definitely against TK's rules. However any member is free to come and leave reviews (good or bad) concerning vendors as long as they're free of profanity and character assassination.PP - If you haven't posted this on your local board, I urge you too. You would definitely be helping out a lot more girls that way. Thanks for sharing though.
  • Got it, I was unclear on what constitutes 'vendor bashing', it seemed like this post was a bit excessive ("Bottom line I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy"), rather than just sticking to the facts.  Thanks for the correction.
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