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Im interested in speaking to someone who has had a destination wedding. Mine will be in Jamaica.

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  • So will mine. I am excited to go back. Where in Jamaica are you planning on?I went to one in May and it was very fun. Oh, who am I kidding, the whole trip rocked it.So what would you like to speak about specifically?!
    Night swimming in the ocean= pretty sweet reception!
  • Im looking to speak to someone who has had a wedding already. Im wondering about prices and things of that nature. Im getting married in Negril.
  • Meh, just trying to help.The wedding I went to this year was in Negril. If I were you I'd check with a travel agent in your area. They'll get you a better picture on the price since they can get you airfare rates from where you live. That's a huge part of the price, and they might find better deals than you might be able to find on your own.The hotel my friends used had the wedding package for free when they stayed for a week. It included the help of their coordinator, flowers, music, reception setup and food, etc. Pretty much the full wedding you'd expect. My FI and I had the all inclusive package, with airfare for about 1600 for 6 days.
    Night swimming in the ocean= pretty sweet reception!
  • Do you know which resort they were at? My travel agent is already involved and we are going to negril in Jan. to check things out ourselves. Its nice to hear other peoples stories so I have  abetter idea on what to(or not )expect
  • I think it was point village (?). It was a lot smaller of a place, not a big place like Sandals or anything. It had it's ups and downs that some people wouldn't like, but it wasn't anything that bothered me during my stay. The thing I liked about it was it felt more authentic than some of the larger hotels I saw. Also, it was next to one of the "adults only" resort, if any of your guests feel like wandering over to the nude beach. It was an all inclusive resort too, so no problems there.Another smaller one I saw was Sunset at the Palms. It was more pricey, but it was really cool looking. I was thinking about it for my wedding, but 1. It was more than we could afford, 2. It wasn't ON the beach but nearby, and 3. we already went to Negril. Depending on what amenities you are going for and your guest list, a larger place might work for you, but I wouldn't rule out some of the smaller places, I enjoyed the lack of crowds myself.Have an awesome time when you go out there in January!
    Night swimming in the ocean= pretty sweet reception!
  • You should try the "Destination Wedding" Board... that's where I get most of my info.
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