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same ceremony and reception site

I am getting married outdoors and I am having the same wedding and reception site.  I figure that we can take pictures and people can sign the guest book and have hors d'hoeurves while they set up the reception. But im concerned if this will look tacky or if its enuff time for people not to care about the transformation. What do you think?

Re: same ceremony and reception site

  • Why would this be tacky?  Have you considered doing the pictures first?
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  • If your ceremony and reception are in the exact same area have you thought about renting a tent separate from the area for a cocktail hour while you do pics? Or even have the tables set-up prior to the guests arriving so that there will not have to be workers rushing around guests. Or as another post mentioned maybe do pics prior to the ceremony. Just some thoughts-good luck!
  • Have the ceremony and reception at the same venue isn't tacky at all! That's what we did, but we were lucky that our location had two separate areas- we used the outdoor courtyard for the ceremony and the indoor banquet room for the reception. My best friend's mother got married at a resort and used the same room for both so the tables were already set up for the reception (with the centerpieces, etc.), and they just created an aisle between the tables. No one thought it was weird.
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  • Our wedding is outdoors, and the ceremony and reception are at the same venue. But, there is a large deck that overlooks the valley that is separate from where the ceremony and reception are. Guests will attend the ceremony, then go to the deck for a cocktail hour while the ceremony area is changed over to the reception set-up. Do you have a different area that can be used for the guests while the change over happens?
  • Ours is the exact same thing. We are having as much set up before hand as possible, then we will have some food and drinks out already for people to enjoy while we take some photos (As fast as possible) and come back hopefully less than an hour later to kick off the ceremony (there are chickens at our venue as well so I may wrap some chicken feed in cute little bags and people can do that :)
  •  I don't find it tacky, we'll be taking photos while our guest have cocktails. Our ceremony venue has a dining area separate from the gardens. They are bringing the flowers from outside in, but everything is coordinated by the staff so we won't have to worry. Again, I don't it's a negative thing. Will the guest really notice? In my opinion I don't think so...
  • Thanks everyone for the input.
    I dont really knw wedding ettiquette much so I wasnt too sure if people would think it was tacky or not.  Thanks for clearing that up.
    The idea of putting up a tent for the coctail area is a good idea.  There is no indoor site but the lawn is pretty huge.  It has one area with a perfect view of the ocean so I would love to have both the ceremony and the reception there.  If I set up the tables for the reception beforehand Im not able to do that.
    I am also concerned that if the weather is bad we'll probly have to use the tent for the ceremony... Im trying to save money by only renting one large tent. Im concerned that It might be worth it to get more than one tents however.
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