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Thinking about a backyard wedding. Just wondering if any of you ladies are throwing caution to the wind and skipping the tent. Is this totally crazy? I guess worse case scenario everyone would be crammed into my house.

How many tent free wild women like me out there? />:)

Re: No tent

  • I am way too paranoid to try this. Tent is  a must...expensive but really got to.

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  • Maybe you could get a tent that covers half of your yard? That way people can stay out and some can stay in if they wish.
  • I'm going bold and tentless! The cost of a tent would completely negate the venue savings I'm counting on by having the wedding in my Mom's backyard, and I am rather enamoured with the notion of dancing under the stars, so we're going to risk the open air.
    That being said, worry about weather is something I don't need in my life. So there is a big warehouse on the property that functions as my backup plan, and I'm signed up to a wedding weather service hosted by The Weather Channel which will give me a fairly accurate idea of what I'm dealing with ten days prior to the wedding, and will update the forecast hourly as the wedding gets closer. So i'll be able to decide a few days beforehand if I'm going indoors; which is good, because that warehouse will need some intense cleaning if we do have to use it.
  • We went without a tent.  However, our rental company could have provided one last minute.  We also could have had guests in the house and the barn, so that was a 2nd back-up plan. 

    We knew that there is always a chance of rain - no matter the time of year.  I figured I can only control so much and the weather was definitely not in that category.  I didn't really want a tent, so we went without and hoped for the best. 

    We completely lucked out and had an absolutely perfect day.  Three days later, a hurricane force storm came through and flooded the area.   
  • i'm having an outdoor wedding in carmel this june.  it tends to get cool at night so i am definately opting for a tent.   plus i am super paranoid it will rain and we all cant fit inside the house.  Does anyone know about pemits?
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