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Magical Bride Moment

This might be confusing or a strange thing to worry about, but here goes! We're getting married on the front lawn of a beautiful historic manor estate. The aisle is set up parallel to the manor. Every wedding i have been to, the processional stops for a moment, the bride march comes on and doors swing open to reveal the bride. How do i get that magical moment when i have no doors to walk through? I don't want the guests (or more importantly my GROOM) to see me walking from the house, through the lawn, to the top of the isle. any suggestions? Thanks :)

Re: Magical Bride Moment

  • I would just walk from the manor. It would be much more beautiful and dramatic in my mind than for you to be hiding. It would also make for better pictures. Have the photographer capture photos of your groom as he sees you for the first time. And a wide shot of you leaving the manor. Trust me. This will look WAY better than having your groom turn away until you get closer. That would be really weird. Guests would be wondering why he has his back turned. I've been to a lot of weddings and LOVE seeing the bride take that long walk. I think it's elegant and beautiful. I would be like, "why the heck is she hiding??" if you were hiding. :) 

    You can even keep that long walk special to your entrance. Instead of having your bridesmaids and everyone take that long walk have them come out from somewhere else and line up closer to the end of the aisle so that when it's your turn to exit the manor it's special and dramatic.

    I get that you want to see your groom's reaction but you WILL. Once you're in a close enough distance where you guys can make eye contact it will be a very special moment and likely his reaction will change right then. 

    Also, if you "hide" behind your bridesmaids and have all of you come down the aisle practically at the same time it will be nearly impossible for your photographer to get a clear photo of each of you coming down the aisle.
  • I am trying to work out this same situation.  However, in my situation, there is no manor to walk from.  We are getting married at a lake, and the closest building is at least 100 yards away and up a huge hill!

    I have spoken to a few wedding coordinators and the best idea we have come up with so far is to put an arch at the end of the aisle with sheer-ish curtains and decor.  Then the car will pull up behind the arch and I will get out, adjust my dress if necessary, and the curtain will be opened by an usher or other guest. 

    I am pretty sure this is the solution I am going with because it will not take away from the outdoor setting, but will also give me that "moment".  It is the big reveal, not hiding, just providing some mystery and secrecy before you walk out. 
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  • I have been to two outdoor weddings.  One was by a lake and the bride came out of a tent.  The other was in a field area and there were curtain pannels hung from a strng inbetween some trees.

    ps....I love the door idea mentioned earlier!
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