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Reassurance Please!!

My fiance and I are getting married on the beach in Florida and my vision was lots of pale ocean blues with touches of sea glass and shells.  So I started working on this getting ideas looking at dresses planning flowers and whatnot.  My fiance has been pretty much apathetic about all the details, basically the vibe I got from him is so long as we were married at the end of the day and he didn't find it tacky all is well.  So I showed him my ideas one day and turns out one of the things he finds tacky is pastels and blue in particular.  After the requisite confusion and whys and wherefores on my part, we discovered that he was wanting either a purple or a red.  I was thinking that with aubergine and lilac it would still work.  I am just afraid that such a deep color will look odd at a spring beach wedding.  I think that I am just freaking out because of the change so if you guys will just tell me what you think, any advice or if any of you are doing a similar color palette I would be so grateful.

Re: Reassurance Please!!

  • Any color can be used for a beach ceremony.  I mean, the beach is a pretty neutral environment, so it's not like anything is going to clash.  I don't understand why he thinks pale blue is "tacky", but he is entitled to his opinion on colors just as much as you are.
  •   I live near Myrtle beach and I am using light and drk blue...Any color will pop on the beach..
  • the cliche dictates to stick with 'pale' and pastell colors for a beach wedding, but since that is not what your husband likes, why not consider his opinion? I think the colors he suggested are fine for a beach wedding-it may be a matter of the 'right execution' though. 
    Pick these colors for accents decor items...candles, flowers etc. 

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    The colors are fine that he put out there. You can keep the light beach feel with the style & fabric of the bridesmaid dresses you pick out & with the style of flower you pick out too.
  • I love the idea of aubergine and lilac. Plus darker colors would pop in your photos and would likly be more flattering in a bridesmaid dress color for skin tones. Think of it this way.... almost everyone does teals and blues and sea glass for beach weddings. And you would be doing your beach wedding YOUR way. Good luck! :)
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