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Would this shelter work


Would this shelter be enough protection in case it rained?  I would love to have an outdoor wedding but our budget wouldn't provide us to pay for an alternative site plus the orginal site. We would only need to squeeze 23 people under it. Plus it does have electric outlets for whatever we may need them for.  It would only be for the ceremony.

They will allow us to move the picnic tables to be concealed but not completely remove them away from the shelter.   I'm thinking I could buy yards of inexpensive fabric and drape them over the top wooden beams for decoration and semi private atmosphere.

Re: Would this shelter work

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    I think this is a beautiful structure and as long as the rain doesn't come sideways you should be protected.  Burlap is an inexpensive fabric to use for hangings and if you want a natural, rustic look it would fit in perfectly.
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