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Backup Plans?

Outdoor weddings can be fun and beautiful!  But sometimes, Mother Nature gets into her menopausal moods then causes problems like pouring rain, flooding, tornadoes...whatever havoc she decides to wreak.

What will you do?
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Re: Backup Plans?

  • Our ceremony will be moved indoors if bad weather rolls in.  We will have the option to make that change until late afternoon to accommodate chair re-arrangement for the 5:30 p.m. ceremony start. 
  • Yep, move it indoors.  Our ceremony & reception is at the same place.  I'm praying no rain!!!!!!!!
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  • Our ceremony and reception are also at the same place. We're hoping we will be able to move the ceremony inside. We'll ask when we make the deposit.

  • We had a few different plans/options:

    1. In case of light rain: our venue had two huge covered porches where we would have held the ceremony and reception.

    2. Heavy rain:  Move everything indoors (free, but risk losing our damage deposit) or rent a tent with sides, dancefloor, and lighting ($1000).

    3. Major disaster (i.e. hurricane): We purchased wedding insurance just in case. 

    Luckily we had absolutely perfect weather and were able to hold our ceremony and reception outdoors as planned.

  • I have a question about this!  The venue we are hoping to book (haven't yet, for this reason) is all outside.  They are remodeling a building onsite that will be able to be used as a backup site or as a ceremony/reception site if someone wants an indoor area only.  The event coordinator said that there will be a fee if we have to use the indoor area (right now their current plan is rent tents).  So my question is.. is this normal?  To have a fee if you have to move the wedding indoors?  Also, how much would that fee normally be?
  • Our venue is also all outside, with a few covered areas (ceremony & reception at the same place) but we have tents reserved just in case. 

    As for PP, I'm not sure about that fee if you have to use the indoor area as a backup plan.  I would  understand you having to pay extra (maybe?) if you were definately using it but I would be wary of a place charging a fee in the event of something you cannot control like that and I have no idea what that fee would normally be.
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  • Like PPs, we're just going to move the ceremony indoors in case of bad weather.

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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_outdoor-weddings_backup-plans?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:666Discussion:24d3ce32-2fcb-44af-9b67-142058ee8976Post:c8fe0b16-725f-4ade-b6b5-fffc1543bfb6">Re: Backup Plans?</a>:
    [QUOTE]The event coordinator said that there will be a fee if we have to use the indoor area (right now their current plan is rent tents).  So my question is.. is this normal?
    Posted by mh1711[/QUOTE]
    A fee seems reasonable because at the very least they would end up setting up two different areas.
  • We are having an outdoor ceremony and reception but they also have indoor options for both.  Each area (there are 4) is rented seperatly but we decided to rent the whole place just to cover rain.  As far as the fee, it is probably the extra to rent that area.  At my venue, if we had just rented the outdoor ares, the indoor areas would be available to rent to someone else.  If it rained on my day, we could pay the rental fee to rent those areas IF no one else had them reserved. 

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  • I'm getting married at my parents house.  My rain plan is the tent where we are having the ceremony.  I am renting the tent walls as well, but will keep them rolled up if the weather is good. 
  • We will just have umbrellas if it is light rain and if it's heavier rain we will put up a tent that my parents have. We are only having the ceremony outside.
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  • We had an outdoor venue planed with an inside reception on last June saturday. There was the beautiful hall for indoor venue in the rain situation, but we were so lucky, the weather was great. I can't imagin how scary it is if starts raining and you don't have back up plan at the same location....
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  • we live in west texas so i dont think rain will be a problem for us. my main concern is wind. we rented an outdoor area at a hotel and incase of bad weather we can use the indoor ballroom if no one has booked it. (it was half the venue fee to book the extra room incase)

    How would you make things stay if it was windy?
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  • Our ceremony and reception are at the same place, so we would move it indoors, even though I would be pretty sad if it rained!
  • Rain is not an option. It's just not.

    We would move everything indoors, but I really don't care for the indoor option at our venue. One of the reasons we chose the month with the least amount of precipitation...
  • We have tents for back-up plans. However, if it becomes heavy rain, then we have the local fire station as a back-up. They said they would move their trucks out for us. I got lucky because my uncle is the trustee for the township...but you could probably ask about a few. Good Luck
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