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Bugs, bugs, bugs.

I want to have an outdoors, day, spring, fresh wedding. My only concern is: what do I do about the bugs? Flies, mosquitoes, etc.
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Re: Bugs, bugs, bugs.

  • See if your venue can spray for bugs the morning of or the night before. They also make machines (I think they're like $100..) that attract mosquitoes and kill them. Crap, I can't for the life of me remember what they're called...but you could get one and put it in the parking lot or way off in the corner away from where people will be. Bugs in the area will be attracted to that and leave you alone.
  • Is your venue a place that does a lot of outdoor weddings?  If so, they probably have plans in place for this already, so I would just ask about it. 
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  • When in the spring?  Our wedding was in April in Virginia, and there were no bugs.  
  • We're planning on having our wedding at a state park, in spring, in Louisiana. So bugs are definitely a concern for me. I'm definitely interested to hear any ideas on how to at least keep the number of bugs down.
  • We are using tiki torches. We have a couple of ponds too, and they have this natural stuff you can put in water to kill mosquito eggs. I'm not above putting a couple citrinila candles arond either. They make them scentless.
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