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I am trying to plan a wedding in NC when most of our guests would be from out of state. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations of things that would help to keep everything simple? I don't want people to worry about getting lost or traveling too much where they would not be familiar and I'm just not entirely sure how to do that.

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  • A few ideas:
    - Contact Chamber of Commerce for area information, maps, sites to see, etc and put together welcome packets.
    - Make sure to block rooms early - at a few hotels if possible to account for larger/smaller budgets of guests.
    - Try to find a wedding company that does several of your big ticket items (EXAMPLE: reception hall that is already decorated, does the catering/set-up/clean-up, provides day-of coordinator, etc)
    - Send out save-the-dates earlier than normal so guests know to ask for time off from jobs
    - Try to have a few planned activities for the day before and/or day after - either a welcome dinner or post-wedding brunch - but be sure to leave time enough for guests to "do their own thing" if they want to sight see, etc.

    Even if you live in NC (which I assume you do by your post) it is like you are planning a destination wedding since many of the guests are traveling.
    Check out the various Knot boards for DW tips and keep a detailed checklist to make sure you dont forget the small details.
    Congratulations and happy planning!
  • Nearly all of our guests had to travel, so here's what I did (most of our guests said these things were helpful to them)

    * Sent out save the dates really early and included a link to the wedding website for travel info
    * Our wedding website was mostly focused on travel information etc.  We listed the closest airports, posted googlemaps that we had pre-tagged with driving directions from multiple places ( we were married in VT, our guests came mostly from NYC, or flew into either Boston or Connecticut)
    * We had three hotel choices, we had blocked rooms at all 3 (at no charge to us) so we listed all the options and provided links to the hotel websites as well as just gave the phone numbers/addresses
    * We planned a whole wedding weekend.  Casual BBQ on Friday, wedding on Saturday, brunch on Sunday. 
    * We made welcome packets with all kinds of info about local attractions, places to go, etc.  The welcome packets had brochures, maps etc.  As someone above suggested we just went to the local Chamber of Commerce.  We also typed up a basic version of this info and included it on the website.
    * For the day of the wedding, we provided transportation from the hotels to the wedding and back.

    Just think about what you would need to go to an out of town wedding, and provide it, within reason.

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