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Wedding Ideas?!

Getting married in June, and have so many different ideas flowing through my mind. He's not very vocal on the ideas and specifics of the wedding. Planning on 6 or 6:30ish for ceremony. Getting married in a remote location, and reception is a few miles closer to the city in a big outdoor open building. We are having a band.

Needing ideas on colors, lighting ideas, DIY decor, anything at all will be MUCH appreciated! Thanks a bunch!

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    It depends on what your going for.. rustic feel, something more modern, vintage? The best way to figure things out is to figure out what overall feel your going for.

    FI and I chose our colors by combining our favorite colors. Blue for him. Green for me. We both like yellow. Those are our colors. Easy.

    We both gravitate towards vintage and rustic items. We got our decor and feel for our wedding.

    You can also use the area in which you'll be getting married in and having your reception to help figure out your colors and/or type of wedding you'll be having.

    Is there something that both you and your FI are crazy about? A certain sport or team? Music? books? if so you can use this to use as a theme but you don't need a theme for a wedding. Just using your colors cans be the "theme".

    Also the colors you use can help you with the type of wedding you want.  Want something fun a whimsical? I like the color combo of turquois and red. Something rich? I'd go red and deep purple.   You can also go with a black and white wedding. The choices are endless and it's really up to you and your Fis personal tastes.

    You can also go to a local hardware store and pick up paint swatches and use those to figure out your colors. mix and match until you find something that you like.

    Lighting ideas will depends on your venue and if there are any lights already there, as well as DIY decor and how much your wanting to do.
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