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Rentals HELP!!

I am STRESSING OUT about the cost of rentals!? It's ridiculous how much a tent, lighting, chairs, tables, linens, etc. are going to cost us!!!  I have gotten a quote from our wedding day coordinator, and have already edited a few things to be more affordable for us.  (Our wedding coordinator makes commission off of what we rent from his vendors, so I feel like he would take advantage of this and say we need a $1200 tent when we don't...etc.)

We are having max of 75 guests (hopefully will be more like 60). I would love any suggestions on tent size, amount of tables needed, and if a 12' x 12' dance floor will enough room to boogie down?!

Would a  20' x 60' tent be too small? I'm thinking 8 tables seating 8 guests at each table.  If anyone has any words of wisdom on these things, PLEASE let me know!

Thanks guys!
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Re: Rentals HELP!!

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    I replied to your post on the Budget Weddings board. :)
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    I dont know about where you live but here in Michigan you can rent 20x30 tent or 20x40 tent for around $200.  Tables and chairs for $8.00/table and $.75/chair and a porta potty for $80.  This is what I am doing.  I am not having a dance floor-we are section off an area of grass because dance floors were about 400 dollars-too much for me.  Instead of linens I am getting rectangle tables so I can put white painter's paper on them and then I bought blue gingham fabric and cut into 1x1 ft squares.  Painter's paper is really thick and with the fabric on top and then my mason jars center pieces it is nice but inexpensive.  For lighting all I have to say is christmas lights and paperlanterns!  I bought hundreds on sale and I also made homemade lanterns out of mason jars,sand, and glass votive candles and hanging them on shephard hooks around the yard.  So I think you could do it for way cheaper but it will require shopping around and a little give and take-I decided to cut the dance floor.

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    We had 75 guests, and a dance floor.  Our tent was 40x60 and plenty big enough.  We probably could have gotten away with something a little smaller, but it depends how much room you want.  It had rained every single weekend up until our wedding and our main concern was that people had enough space to move around comfortably if they were going to be stuck under a tent all night.  It ended up not raining, but still...better safe than sorry!
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