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Opinions: Outdoor Fall Ceremony & Reception~Hay Bales for seats?

To be able to work within the budget that we have for the time being we have decided to hold our Ceremony & Reception at our home. We plan to build a smaller half-gazebo type arch for a perfect spot in our yard for the ceremony. The ground is flat but not perfectly; instead of folded chairs I was thinking of hay bales. In the past I thought of these as very "country" and cheap but I wonder if I can make these fall chic? :) Thanks in advance!

Re: Opinions: Outdoor Fall Ceremony & Reception~Hay Bales for seats?

  • I agree with PP. You should put down quilts both for your guests comfort and protect of their clothes/skin. Also, I might have a few actual chairs in case you have any elderly guests or any that are severly allergic. Also, a heads up to those allergic guests would probably be appreciated so that they can take some meds before hand.

    All that said, I think it would be a quite charming idea. Go for it!
  • AGK, I love those hay bales! What a great idea!
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  • I think it would be adorable! The blankets will need to be thick or the hay can poke through.
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  • one bale can comfortably seat 2 people.  The cheapest way to go is straw, which depending where you live can be pricey.  Where I live, a bale of straw is typically around $5, yet chair rentals are $1 a piece.  Do you know anyone who farms and has square bales?  Maybe they will loan them to you
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