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Huge dilemma with an outdoor reception...

So here's my issue:

I'm terrified of weather! Haha, seriously.
I mean I love the rain but when I'm in a wedding dress and the guys are in tuxes, I'm not looking forward to the thought that it could rain. Also the wedding is going to be in late July, so the heat is another issue.

I'm having a church wedding so I'm not worried about the space there, but I'm trying to figure out where the hell I'm going to put 200 people for a reception. Either location I've been looking at is going to be a tight fit. I really want an indoor reception, but I don't know if that will be possible. Any other places that are somewhat local that would hold everyone are outrageously expensive and/or we have to do all the food/beverages through them and it's definitely not in the budget.

We've trimmed the guest list by over 50 at this point and we're still at 200. We've hit the point where trimming anymore isn't possible. We are counting on about 20 people not coming because they live a great distance away, Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying not to go nuts, and I know it's 9 months away, but I'm already losing sleep over it. Someone help at least put my mind at ease. Any thought or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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