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How are you keeping your cake from melting?

Just curious if anyone has thought about this issue.  My wedding is on a July evening and it is butter cream icing.  Yeah... I guess we'll bring the cake out around 9:30 or so, but it won't be refrigerated. 

Do you think this is an issue?

Re: How are you keeping your cake from melting?

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    Is your reception indoors?  If so then your venue should be able to keep it cool enough so you're not worried about this issue.  If it's outdoors then see if there's a place that you can keep it indoors until it's time to cut the cake.
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    I would try to keep my nasty attitude away from it, to keep it from melting simply out of karma. 
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    CA2, my venue is my home. haha, and the bakery is delivering the cake at 5:30p.  I will have take the advice about keeping it in the coolest area of the house as possible.  Thanks all!
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    I thought about this, and I don't know if it was on here or somewhere else, but have read horror stories about it.  I actually posted on this a while back...
    Since then I have been to two bakeries, and actually talked to the bakers specifically about this issue.  both bakers I talked to said that they have never had a cake melt. 
    My wedding is in the middle of the day outside in July...so I was really worried about it.  They assured me that everything would be fine, and we would have nothing to worry about.  Our cake will be refridgerated until the time it is delivered (our baker is maybe 10 minues away from our reception) and it takes quite a while to actually thaw...you don't want to eat hard butter cream, you want soft fluffy butter cream anyway right? 

    If after you talk to your baker and you are still not convinced, go with fondant.  good luck!
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