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Hi Ladies!  It's my first time posting on the knot so a little details first.  My fiance and I would like to have an outdoor reception under a tent located in his uncle's backyard. We JUST started planning and don't have a grand budget. It'll be a very intimate, family oriented ocassion (or atleast we hope lol).  We're a very relaxed, laid-back type of couple/family.  Our theme is a fun, vintage summer picnic and food of choice will BBQ (mmm :o).  We plan on doing most of the decorations, all stationary, food, and some other things DIY.  My biggest concern is of course a rental for the tent(s), chairs, and linens.  I've considered making my own tablecloths and selling afterwards. Have a couple of questions that could use a pros/cons list:

1. Are there any Northern VA brides out there that give me an idea of how much renting a tent and other rentals will squeeze out of our budget? I hate to get quotes from everyone since we haven't definitely set a date yet...though it'll be this spring.
2. Dinnerware- I'd like the feel of a casual event but would like people to remember that they're at a wedding reception too.  I would really like to keep from renting plates, glassware, etc.  Does anyone have any suggestions for that?


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Re: Dinnerware Help

  • You could do way fun dishes, like colored plates, or mismatched stuff from yard sales and thrift stores.  You could probably buy them for less than a rental.  But then I have no idea what you do with them all afterwards.

    There's also pretty disposable dishes, like the clear plastic plates that look like glass. 

    My current plan is to use disposables and hope the pretty decorations set the wedding scene. 
    image image image
  • I'm thinking of buying compostable dinner ware so there's no dishes to wash as well as no waste!  It just goes in the compost pile when you're done!  You can google different sites but it's roughly $50 for a party pack for 50 people.
  • Good disposable plates that still remind you you're at a wedding? EXACTLY what I wanted. I found Palm Leaf Plates (we're also doing a similar theme, but adding eco friendly) and they were all so expensive. Then I found earthen trading. They have bulk prices and they're so much better than anything I've found else where. Definitely going this route!
  • i am planning an outdoor wedding, also with a bbq type menu- buffet style. i plan on using vintage cafeteria trays! i just didnt want to spend the money to rent plates, and thought this would be casual, but maybe a step up from disposable plates?! lol, my fiance thinks its crazy but i dont care- its my fav idea i have came up with thusfar :)
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