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freeze dried vs real rose petals?

D is planning an August 2011 outdoor wedding. She wants rose petals lining the paver walkway instead of an aisle runner. Is one nicer looking, less likely to blow away than the other for being outside?

Re: freeze dried vs real rose petals?

  • I used real rose petals, and it worked great. Looked prettier and no problems with flying away. Also, I went to HEBs to get old/broken roses they turned into petals for much cheaper than the normal rose petals they sell. I attached a pic of our petal-lined aisle.
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    ^^^Lovely! Like your pommanders too! Do you have other close up  pics? What are they made of?
  • Thanks!! They're paper lanterns..and I attached ribbon to them. Here's another pic a close-up...as the decor was being setup on the big day!
  • What a great idea! They are lovely!
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