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Drink Slide Ice Sculpture

The one thing my fiance has asked for during this whole planning process is a drink slide ice sculpture. However, our wedding is outside and I'm afraid that it may melt too quickly if the weather is warm. Our wedding is September 25. Does anyone have any experience with these?

Re: Drink Slide Ice Sculpture

  • I have seen them before, but never outside.  I think you would probably have issues with melting, but I suppose you could ask the company who makes them since they would have experience with it.

    Additionally, how do you feel about this? I mean, I associate them with drunken frat parties, not wedding receptions.
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  • The fanciest wedding I ever went to had one, and it didn't seem out of place.   The bride and groom had a signature drink, and the sculpture just shot it into a glass that the bartender handed to guests.  I don't think it changed the look/feel of the reception, because it was done tastefully.   But it was also super fun/cute.  

    As for outdoor component, I agree with PP, you should ask the people who would supply it.  
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  • you can check farmers almanac for weather on your wedding day in your area and then talk to the company that makes them.
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  • We are thinking about making it ourselves to save money.
  • it might be a great idea to make an ice sculpture, but you can ask what others are saying.

    I saw this on google, it's the from the top 200 ice sculptures website for Kansas -

    They charge $300 - $350 for an ice sculpture.  And they offer discounts.


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  • I work for a hotel that does lots of weddings and one of the nicest I've seen did have a "martini luge" that also had their initials sculpted into it. It looked amazing!
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