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Public Location/ Interruption Horror Stories?

Has anyone gotten married/ or considering getting married in a public park or other public location? I'm out of venue options! I don't have very much leeway in terms of changing my date and all the places I've contacted within my budget are already booked. I'm just wondering what people have experienced in terms of other people out enjoying the area, etc. Do you have any horror stories of people walking through your wedding?

Re: Public Location/ Interruption Horror Stories?

  • I was in a wedding that was outside at a Botanic Garden in a less than savory neigborhood. The ceremony location was by the fence next to the street. During the ceremony, a couple kids who lived across the street grabbed a big stick and started walking up and down next to the fence singing "Here Comes the Bride" (which is really inapproprate at a Jewish wedding) and hitting the stick on the fence. It was a little weird. Oh and some Asian tourists walked by and stuck their cameras through the fence to take pictures. But I don't think the bride and groom knew what was going on.

    But even with that experience, FI and I are getting married outdoors at a garden. Granted, you have to pay to get in so we won't have neighborhood children wandering around singing.
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  • I was married in a public park with ZERO problems.  I suppose the worst thing (and I didn't even notice, people told us after) is that a couple walking their dog on a path about 50 feet away stopped to watch.  They were quiet and never even approached the ceremony area.

    I think 99+% of people are courteous and will leave you all alone.

    I would definitely make sure that you can reserve that section of the park though.  We booked the park and had permits to be there.  This meant that we didn't have to worry about another wedding, a game of football, a family reunion picnic, etc.   Make sure that you can reserve the area and that there will be some sort of ranger or security that you can contact the day of should you run into problems such as these.

    Like I said though, I think this would all be very unlikely.
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  • I went to a friends wedding on a public beach.  There were a couple of people in bathing suits watching the wedding and there was one guy kayaking in the background but it wasn't a big deal.  Comes with the territory.  Most people would have common sense not to walk directly into a wedding but if it happens, I'm sure a family member would get up and quietly escort them away.
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  • FI's best friend recently got married at the Tempe Center for the Arts in AZ and the whole thing was outside. The ceremony was right on a popular walking path along the river at 3:30pm so it was pretty busy. Tons of people were walking, riding bikes and roller-blading by. It was a little awkward. There were also 2 other weddings that day and so all the brides saw one another, which is sort of annoying. 

    There weren't any disasters, but there were a lot of little kids that had to be kept close since it was such an open public area. I agree with what CSCHUMA2 said, most people are courteous but if you can find a place that you can make sure you have the rights to for that day and time it will be a lot less stressful. GL!
  •      I'm having mine at a public park.  The ceremony area is surrounded by bushes although you can see one of the picnic areas.  We're purposely facing seating towards the area you can't see anything.  My only worry is our reception area.  We only booked one of the two rooms so it is possible that someone could book the other.  I really don't want to have strangers wondering into our room. 
         I went to an outdoor wedding on a private beach last summer.  The only problem they would have had was one older couple.  (the ones that over tan to a brown leathery stage and feel the need to wear barely enough to cover the appropriate areas)  They came over and stood less than a yard away from where the seating was and decided to listen to the music.  I say would have been a problem because the bride was an hour late (yay for sunburns, we were all red and in pain for the reception) and they left before she even arrived.
  • I'm getting married in a public park, but was told by my coordinator that there'd be security to keep people away from the ceremony location.

    I've only been to one outdoor (beach) wedding, but there were no problems.

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