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Mid-Day Vs. Sunset? XP

So, originally my fiance and I wanted to do an evening ceremony, with a reception that ended around midnight.  All of the weddings I have been to have been like this.  Now that we have pretty much picked our venue, we are starting to rethink this [for several reasons, I won't list them all here, but 2 big ones are money and wanting natural light for pictures.]  For our venue, there are 2 options: a ceremony starting around sunset with reception to follow ending at 11:30, or a ceremony starting around 11 with the reception ending around 2 or 3 [I don't remember exact times, but we get one less hour for the mid-day rental.]

My question is:  have you guys found any major benefits to having an earlier or later wedding?  Was there anything that made you lean one way or the other when you were making your decision?

We are pretty casual, so having a big, nighttime glamour fest isn't a concern.  Neither of us are dancers or drinkers, either.

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Re: Mid-Day Vs. Sunset? XP

  • If neither of you are dancers or drinkers, I would go for the mid-day ceremony. 

    I would also consider the time of year and where you are getting married.  What is the weather going to be like?  Will mid-day be REALLY hot?  Will evening require heaters?

    We had an earlier wedding.  Our ceremony was at noon.  Then the reception ran from about 1:15-30 until 7pm.  We had an earlier reception because we had to have our ceremony at noon and did not want the 'Catholic gap.'

    We did not save money on food because we essentially had a cocktail hour and 4-course lunch.  However that was a choice we made.  You could very well have a lighter reception.  You will probably save money on alcohol as well.   
  • My best friend had her wedding start at 11:30 and go until 4. She had us at the hairdresser at 7am!!!!! You may want to consider how early you'd like to get up the morning of your wedding. I REFUSE to get up to have my hair done at 7am. It just seems silly. Therefore our wedding isn't beginning until 1:30.

    So if you don't mind rising early go with the 11am wedding. I think the evening wedding also gives you opportunities for lovely sunset pictures. But, if you are inviting many children or older people remember that they wont be able to stay for the duration at a later ceremony. Granted old folks seem to always leave earlier but the kids will either not be brought or their parents will end up leaving earlier. That could be a plus or a minus for you.
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  • I looked it up, and the earlier time slot is actually at 10!  That is waaaay to early for my night owl self, but at the same time, the likelyhood of me sleeping the night before at all is slim.  We are definitely going to ask if we can get the same amount of time, but in a time slot inbetween the earlier and later slots.  It just makes more sense for us.

    Hopefully the venue agrees!
  • You might consider that the hottest part of the day is between 3-6pm. The most intense UV is 12-2 pm. Then it also depends on the angle of the sun vesus your venue. Don't forget the sunscreen.

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