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I am having an outdoor wedding on Macinac Island. We are getting married at the Somewhere in Time Gazebo. The grounds keeper told me that he is running an extention cord behind the gazebo for the music. I have some song ideas, but have no idea how much time to allow for pre-ceremony, the bridal party, my music, and then the dove release at the end. I feel like I am going to have my little brother (he is 22) man the ipod. I am a little worried. I know that if I can give him good direction he will be fine. I am just not sure what kind of direction to give him.

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    1.  Make a play-list for pre-ceremony (guests gathering, taking their seats).  I would allow about 15 minutes, but you can put it on a loop.  No one will care if if repeats.

    2. Make a play-list for the processional (your bridal party walking in, if you have one).  Figure out how many people you have and how far they are walking, do some simple math.  One song should be fine.  Fade out if necessary.

    3.  Pick a song for YOU to walk down the aisle to. 

    4.  Pick a song for the recessional (side:note...my very traditional sister played "Signed, Sealed, Delivered."  It was totally cute).  One song should be plenty.

    5.  Pick music to play after the recessional, and before the dove release (if you have time between while guests are mingling, getting out of their seats, or whatever).  Can be the same as your pre-ceremony music.

    6.  Pick a song for dove release.

    Just break it down into segments, and you'll be fine:-)
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