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Outdoor ceremony Denver in October -- realistic?

I currently live in Arizona but will be moving to Denver and hope to have an outdoor wedding ceremony (reception indoors) in City Park or Wash Park this October.  Does anyone have any advice on if this is realistic or not? Will guests be totally uncomfortable and cold?  Have you ever been to an outdoor wedding in the fall in Denver?  Also, any advice from brides who have gotten married in city park is much appreciated!

Re: Outdoor ceremony Denver in October -- realistic?

  • We were married in October with an outdoor ceremony.  We ended up having the reception indoors at a nearby hotel because we feared the weather would turn too cold after dark.

    Thank god we did that, because it got cold fast!  I know we didn't get married in Denver, but I imagine the seasons aren't too terribly far off each other in our locations time-wise.
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  • You don't say what part of Arizona you're coming from, but if you're not from Northern Arizona you're likely to be cold in Denver in October, especially in the evening.  As others have mentioned, the daytime temps vary widely and are unpredictable.  The evenings are usually chilly in October. 

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