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Is this enough time do you think?

I am looking around at reception halls and ceremony sites. I really like this country club but they only give 7 hours total to do the ceremony and the reception. Do you think this is enough time? I meet with them tomorrow to find out if this includes the getting ready and everything because if that's the case... than I dont think it will be. What do you think?

Thanks sooo much!!
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Re: Is this enough time do you think?

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    We only had 4 hours for ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception so I think 7 would be plenty of time.
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    Could you get ready elsewhere?  Also, are you comfortable taking pictures before the ceremony?  This could save you multiple hours and you would have more than enough time for both the ceremony and a reception then.

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    We had 4 hours for everything as well and that was pretty standard for venues in our area.  We also got 1.5 hours for setup and 1 hour for cleanup.

    We did have a lot of people who were planning to go to the after party stay an extra hour despite the music ending and the caterers working on switching things over for the next wedding, since we were busy trying to get our belongings together.  When we realized they were still there we just told them it was time to move on to the next place if they wanted to keep going.
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    Thanks, I talked with them more today and apparently we can show up at noon and the time doesnt start until the ceremony does. Thanks for your input!!!
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