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outdoor wedding in Toronto/Montreal or Ottawa

Hi all!

Im looking to celebrate my big day in a beautiful outdoor setting in the Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal region. I want to have a DIY wedding and need a venue that will allow outdoor caterers, staff and alcohol. I was orginally looking at cottages to host the event but think that thaat might get too expensive with having to rent everything from the tent, to cutlery!

We have a budget of 11,000...do you think my goal of having it outdoors is unattainable? keep in mind that I dont have to pay for a wedding dress ( wearing my mothers), a Dj ( uncle has that covered) or food (cake and meals are covered by various friends and family).

Also if anyone has any venue suggestions, that would be amazing!!


Re: outdoor wedding in Toronto/Montreal or Ottawa

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    It depends on how many guests you invite. But it should be doable.

  • We were able to do our entire wedding for under $8000. Definitely doable! As far as venue suggestions, you would be better off to post this on your local board. Click on "Local Wedding Boards," on the left light blue panel. GL!
  • I'm doing an outdoor wedding in Ottawa, and if you have what you say you have covered (particularly food) then this is definitely do-able.

    We're getting married in our church but hosting the reception in my uncle's backyard.  Although this saves me the cost of paying for a venue, we have had to pay for all of our own rentals.  Tent, tables, chairs, dancefloor etc came to $2500.  This is for an 150 person wedding.  The costs go down quickly with less.  I imagine you could find an existing tented reception hall for a similar cost, unfortunately you may be limited to using their other vendors.

    Our whole wedding budget came to $20,000 - but keep in mind that number includes my dress ($2000), the food ($6000), and the DJ ($550), which brings me down to $11,500.  Which was split like this:
    $2,500 - rentals
    $2,300 - photographer (you can save more here - I had date limitation issues)
    $1,700 - flowers and reception tent decor
    $2,000 - bar
    $750 - marriage license and church/ceremony related fees & liability insurance
    $500 - cake
    $500 - invitations
    $600 - wedding party related stuff (gifts, transportation, etc)

    + $750 unspent monies to cover other random things that I am sure will come up in the next 6 weeks.

    Goodluck and have fun!

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