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Outdoor wedding in MN

We are hoping to have our ceremony and reception at a local park in the Stillwater area and realizing we will need to rent every thing from canopies to tables to the dance floor is getting expensive!!! Any advice on how to do outdoor on a budget? We would like to have a DJ and dance and a canopy of some kind. We're open to any fun or different ideas! Thanks!

Re: Outdoor wedding in MN

  • I too am looking for more of an outdoor wedding in MN. The part that worries me is its MN and we are getting married in late May, MN is notorious for bad weather and even snow!  Any tips for outside weddings or even for the ceremony?  I would like to do the ceremony outside and move inside for the reception. 
  • Book a place that has a back up plan! We are having our outdoor ceremony at The Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake, and they can easily move our ceremony inside if there is inclement weather.
  • We are getting married the end of April on Lake Superior at Grand Superior Lodge.  They have most of the stuff there that we use, instead of having to find a seperate rental company.

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