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Ideas for outdoor aisle decorations!

I would love some ideas for my outdoor ceremony. I am putting organza sashes on each chair to match my wedding colors. My archway will be decorated in flowers to match my spring wedding tropical colors. We will be facing the inter coastel , i am going to sprinke real rose petals in the aisle way. But what can i use down the sides of the aisle way! I have no clue on what to do, any ideas would be great!!! Thanks ladies.

Re: Ideas for outdoor aisle decorations!

  • It doesn't sound like you need anything if you're having sashes on the chairs and petals down the aisle.
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  • I'm lining the aisles with pomanders. I have a picture of the ones I made in my bio under DIY. I also made directions if you are interested in making them!
  • We lined the aisles with lantern stands (DIY from another knottie who sold them to me)... like so...

  • Diana, your plans sound great already. You could consider short or tall shepherd's hooks (if this is on ground or gravel) with something hanging on them. You can often find short ones at the dollar stores. You could hang pomanders, or tiny floral groupings hung with ribbon.

    If it's in the evening, you could use solar lights or votive candle holders hung with ribbon from the shepherd's hooks. Another idea is small canning jars with rims only, with sand and votives, or plumerias with sand and votives. If there are rules about candles, you could use battery operated votives.

    Good luck.
  • Just be careful about over-doing it.  I think of it the same way they give fashion advice... don't over accessorize!  And as Tim Gunn says, Edit edit edit!!


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  • Luminaries are a good choice too. 

    I like the shepards hook idea.  I went an outdoor wedding and the bride made the "thing" hanging from it.  I say thing cuz I dont know the name.  She wrapped brown craft paper to look like a cylinder (upside down dunce cap, but not as tall.  That is how my little girl described them).  Tied a ribbon or satin rope to make hanger.  She glued a tassle in wedding color to the bottom.  Stamped or stenciled their initials on the cylinder.  Finally, filled the cylinders w/ fresh flowers. 

    The hooks were placed every other row of chairs.  I hope this gives you another idea, and you can kind of picture what it looked like.
  • You probably don't need anything else, but of course it's totally up to you. Why don't you make one or two pomanders, etc. and test them out to see how they look?

    Also, is your area/month mosquito-prone? Citronella torches are pretty and functional!
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