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Help August or April Wedding

My fiancé and I just got engaged in the beginning of January and I can't pick the date!  The only part of the wedding I'm adamant on in that it is outside.  I'm currently in a very rigorous masters program, next semester may be my last (3 classes, work has a part time option).  If next semester isn't my last than I'm flexible on if I do one or two classes, but I have to be finished by end of spring 2013, work mandate. We originally decided to do our wedding in late April of 13 so I could be done grad school and be able to focus on the wedding. The thing is neither of us wants a spring wedding, the more we think on it the less we like the idea for a variety of reasons... we are discussing having it in August so I won't have to worry about school but I'm worried about the heat that time of year, we're in Maryland.  Neither of us is keen on waiting even till April so I wouldn't want to put it off to June or September.  Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Help August or April Wedding

  • Facing a similar debate with work restrictions on picking a wedding date and concerned with the heat, I can only say you have to go with what works for you. I was surprised to find though that the venue at which we were looking was already fully booked for Saturdays in June 2013 (and most of May and July too). So, you may want to even see what is available for you if venue options are a short list before setting your heart on a date.
  • Right now we're pretty sure the wedding will be at a family members house so theres no worry about it being booked.  Good luck pick your date and finding a good location! Thanks for the reply.
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  • You want it in August. Have it in August. My first wedding, many years ago, was August 25th. And the weather was perfect. I'm in Michigan. Besides, you can always dress light. Keep your fabrics light. Don't stress about the tempurature.
  • I will argue that the mid-Atlantic region of the country has the worst humidity in the entire country.  I grew up in Cincinnati and it still hits me how bad it is out here.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the weather.  People know it's going to be hot and humid and will dress accordingly.  You can always schedule it for early evening where it will start to cool down.  Are you planning on having your reception indoors?
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  • If the reception will be outside, just plan for the possibilities. Will there be a tent? Can you have it air conditioned if necessary?
  • We've reworked everything and found a way to make October work.  This way we don't have to wait as long and don't have to worry about the heat/humidity.  Thanks for all of your advise!
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