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Outdoor Weddings

Unconventional Outdoor Aisle

My ceremony is outdoors, and I have a beautiful place picked for us to say our vows. The problem is that the exact opposite direction (what people would be looking at as I walk down the aisle) is really ugly.

I've thought about potentially curving all of the chairs in one big arch rather than having two separate sides with the aisle down the middle (which helps with our concern that my fiancee's family is much smaller than mine), and having the aisle run in from the side instead. What do you think?

Or should I just do a traditional aisle then try to hide the bad view somehow?

Re: Unconventional Outdoor Aisle

  • I looked at a reception hall that has a space for ceremonies on the side/back of it. Looking towards the altar area ia beautiful, looking toward the "entrance" is a big ol' parking lot and the back of the hall with the dumpsters and kitchen entrance and stuff. The area for seating is beautiful but only 2 feet off of the parking lot into the grass. Not sure if I should book it our keep looking, it is a lot cheaper than anywhere else I've seen.
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