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Rustic chic wedding venue

My fiance and I are looking for a rustic chic outdoor/indoor place around pittsburgh to have our wedding. We are on a budget so nothing outrageously priced. Also, I am looking for a venue that will hold at least 250 people. This has been our biggest problem to date, finding something that can accomadate the amount of people we have. I've been on carsons catering and found some fabulous places but if anyone knows of anything else I would appreciate the help. Ideally, I'm looking for a farm/barn where we can have our ceremony and reception. Thanks for the input in advance and good luck to all you fellow brides to be out there!!!

Re: Rustic chic wedding venue

  • Hi! Welcome, and congrats on your engagement!

    You will probably find more help to this question on your local board to the left. This is an international board, so we won't have as good area-specific help for you.

    Oh nifty, I just noticed we are name twins :)
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