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how garden-ey was your garden wedding?

my fiance and i are wanting to have a garden wedding. however, is it unreasonable to expect a garden wedding to take place in a place full of beautiful flowers if it is not hosted in someone's backyard?

Re: how garden-ey was your garden wedding?

  • Ask the ladies on your local boards.  Around here there are parks and botanical gardens that are very beautiful that you can reserve for your wedding.  I'm sure that you could find something similar in your area if you don't want to be in someone's backyard.
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  • Where in N Florida are you?  I was married in G-ville at Sweetwater Branch Inn in their garden.  There should be plenty of places for you to check out.  Go on the North Florida board.  No matter your location, there's someone that lives there on that board.
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  • Agree with PP.  There should be an appropriate place - you just have to find it!  Around me, a lot of venues (the hotel/ballroom type) have areas with lots of flowers and plants that are specifically set up for garden ceremonies.  There are also historic houses, farms, and vineyards.

    Make sure you view the prospective sites at the time of year you plan ion getting married.  Or at least see pictures that you know were taken at that time of year.  That way, you have an accurate idea of the type and amount of flowers that will be in bloom on your wedding day.
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