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We love to camp!

So FI and I are getting married at a State Park where there is camping. At first I was thinking I wanted to have a small party at my moms after the reception for friends and family that live out of town and such but I got this idea. I can't tell if it's too crazy. We could get a camping spot for the night of the wedding and tell people they could join us at our campsight after the reception and hopefully a lot of them would camp too. What do you think? 
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Re: We love to camp!

  • i went to a camping wedding party and it was a lot of fun. The actual wedding was extremely small, so they chose to throw a camping party for all of their friends afterwards. 

    Are you planning on wearing your dress and having a reception at the campsite? or just a simple party around a bonfire?
  • We are planning to have a reception in the same building we're getting married right outside of so I was thinking it'd just be a simple party around a bonfire. 
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  • I would personally love to go to a wedding/after party like this!  Some probably wouldn't appreciate the rustic nature of the party, but I guess those would just forgo it.  You know your guests better than me!
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  • Sounds like fun to me. Just check and make sure you won't get in trouble if there are a lot of people and noise. Also I would want alcohol there but that is just me and I know a lot of places don't allow it. People might try and bring it anyway just make sure you wouldn't be the one getting in trouble if they do
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  • Cgelske-- I would love to know how this turns out! I am getting married one year from today (woohoo) on the beach at a state park. The reception is going to be at a campground, which has a banquet hall for up to 80 people (which I get to use for free since I paid for 6 sites!). I'm hoping that most of our guests will camp with us
  • @cdch820 sounds awesome, i will do my best to remember to contact you but if you don't hear from me feel free to pm me. 
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  • We almost did our wedding at a barn on forest service land where there is a camp ground half a mile away.  Had we gone with that venue, we would have made camping an option in the accommodations and I know several of our friends would have stayed at the camp ground with their kids.  I also went to a wedding last summer at a group camp/picnic site and several guests stayed overnight.

    Obviously there will be people who do want to do it, but if you know most of your crowd well enough to know it will be a hit. then go for it.   Just be sure you also have accommodations available for the non camping part of the group.
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