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Not sure what to do

Ok, I'm having an outdoor wedding this Sept. My wedding is not going to be that formal so do i need ushers? programs?  I know that now a days people going to the wedding know what side to sit on either the Bride or Groom. It is going to be a short wedding so i do not think i need to programs, but i am just wondering about the ushers?

Re: Not sure what to do

  • Nope and nope! Neither are mandatory at all.
  • I think programs are a waste of time and money
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    I agree, you definitely don't need either :)

    You may still want someone available who can greet guests and answer basic questions like where the restrooms are or to help the older folks who may need actual physical assistance, particularly if the ground at your venue is uneven or has steps. So similar to ushers, I suppose, but not quite so formal as taking every person to a seat.
  • Not at all necessary :)
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  • You don't have to have anything, just what you want. Programs seem to be a waste of money, especially for less formal weddings. For ours, we're only having a best man, MOH, and usher. The usher is my little brother, and he will be telling people where to go, when we're eating, etc.
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