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Scared of Rain!!!

hello ladies,
I have my little heart set on  a specific venue. It would be an outdoor ceremony on a private beach, and the receptiion is both inisde and outside. I am in love with the idea and the place, but I am sooo scared of rain. I live in Miami, so it rains alot. We are having our wedding in May of 2011. You never know with Miami weather. It mainly rains in the summer, but this May we had alot of rain, so that made me nervous. I would push my date up, but with school/ and work reasons I can't. So what should I do ladies? Should I just pray that it doesn't rain on my wedding day, and stick to the venue that I love orrr, play it safe and do it in a place that I'm just ok with. I do have another place in mind that is my second best option, and I wont have to worry abour weather, but I have always wanted a beach/casual wedding. AHh I dont know what to do!!!

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    Always plan for a chance of rain by having a plan B. I would ask the venue if they have any accommodations in case of rain.
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    I understand!  I kept going back and forth between the beach wedding of my dreams and a safer venue I just didn't feel the same about.  In the end, we're going for the beach.  We have several rain options (tent, in our indoor reception space, or in a banquet room in the hotel). While none of those backups are quite the vision I've pictured for our wedding, the chance to have it on the beach was too perfect to pass up. 

    Is there a rain backup?  Could you use the reception space if you had to?  If so, how bummed would you be?  I'd weigh that against how you'll feel on your wedding day at a different venue on a beautiful, sunny day.
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    Most places have a back up rain plan - I think it'd be best to stay with want you want and pray it doesn't rain.  If not, maybe rent a small tent if it's in your budget.  It could still be really pretty, especially if you have a good photographer, with these really lovey, romantic photos against a rainy beach backdrop.
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    I need to ask this place if they have a Plan B. I guess its worth taking the risk..Hey don't they say its good luck when it rains on your wedding day. I can look at it from that perspective lol! ;)
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    Pray for no rain, have a plan B...and move on!

    We are getting married 7/17 in SEATTLE. OUTSIDE!

    We have a plan B, but you just never know in Seattle....so plan away, just keep that other little option available!!

    Good luck!
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    We're getting married in a state park so they don't have Plan B's because they aren't a typical wedding venue.  Our ceremony is outside on a balcony and the reception is part inside and part outside.  I called around to get prices to rent tents 'just in case' and they are very expensive, especially if we might not even end up needing them.  So our plan B, is to keep track of the weather very closely, 10 day forecast, 7 day forecast etc.  If we see there is a good chance of rain for that day, then we'll call all the tent places around and spend the extra money.  And if it's a beautiful day, we wont have to worry about it.  Yes, it might cause some extra stress a few days before the wedding, but I'd much rather be a little more stressed than have to shell out over $800 on tents we don't need.
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    Try to have a back up plan, even if it's renting a tent for the guests, and nice umbrellas for the wedding party.  

    You could also consult the farmer's almanac.  Do you guys have that in the States?  Basically it's a book that uses data from each day in years past to predict the weather for the whole next year.  It's not always perfectly reliable but I have found it's about 80% accurate.  You can't really beat that!

    Other than that, pray for sun!
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    Have a backup plan.  Our guest list was smaller than the venue's maximum capacity because we had an indoor/outdoor reception which has a larger maximum capacity but adhered to the number that could fit inside in the event of awful weather since May weather is iffy.  The ceremony also would have been inside the venue rather than outdoors if it rained.  Would that be an option for you?
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    My friend got married outside, but the reception was inside. I am assuming the Plan B was having it inside, as well.

    It looked like rain the whole day. The thunder kept teasing us, and we waited for the sky to fall...all day...but it never did. No rain, nothing. Very lucky! Actually, (and I know this sounds cheesy) but right when the bride came out the clouds parted, and the sun was radiant the rest of the ceremony. It was a gorgeous wedding.

    But you still need a backup plan.


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    We've planned for outside in a park.  They offer tents for rain, but if it does the reception site is just across the road so we'll save the money and just go inside.  A back up plan is pretty much a requirement with an outdoor wedding.  I'm just going to set up the tables inside with an aisle up the middle just incase we have to move the ceremony
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